Cape Town, the third largest city in South Africa, has a charming nature of mountains, valleys and stunning clear waters. It attracts huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. It is also an important center for businessmen, and therefore many prefer it for a special holiday during any time of the year. The city offers a lot of entertainment places for young and old as well, ensuring you different enjoyment every day for the duration of your stay.

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Here is a group of the best and most prominent theme parks in Cape Town

Fun at the Ratanga Junction intersection

One of Cape Town’s best amusement parks for children offers more than thirty fun destinations suitable for different ages and tastes including; twenty-four different games of swing that are suitable for young children as well as families. There are also a number of adventure games full of adventure spirit, as you find train rides as well as boats. This destination also offers animal shows such as snakes and birds, in addition to the wonderful magic shows that children love, and therefore it is one of the best amusement parks in Cape Town.Fun at the Ratanga Junction intersection

Cool Runnings

Kool Runnings is one of the most prominent amusement parks in Cape Town, where it is considered the first of its kind in Africa. It includes a race track that extends for a kilometer and a quarter for special racing machines known as skis. You can reach a speed of forty kilometers per hour if you are a fan of speed and adventure, it is a fun destination for all family members. There are special lessons for beginners to learn how to manage these machines.
Cool Runnings

BE.UP Park

PB Park is one of the best amusement parks in Cape Town, providing a lot of fun and enjoyment for visitors of all ages. This theme park is designed to urge its visitors to move and increase their mobility in an atmosphere full of laughter and adventure. Various games are available that suit the capabilities of visitors of all ages and tastes such as; climbing walls, trampoline, mazes, and air games. The board rises five meters above the ground, and connects you with a strong rope to ensure your safety and safety during play. The trampoline area is one of the most enjoyable toys out there and visitors of all ages accept it; hoppers rise about one and a half meters from the ground. There is also a clip that Climb is a rock climbing wall and is considered The first of its kind in E. Africa, where climbers are allowed to raise themselves up without the need for someone to loosen them or help them climb, and find there are about eleven walls for climbing. Finally, the maze game, which is designed for the pleasure of young visitors, finds it full of pools of balls, puzzles, hoppers, latches, and tunnels, which places it among the most important Amusement parks in Cape Town.BE.UP Park

Waterworld Strand

There is a water world strand in Cape Town one of the water parks you must visit, located near the strand beach, and includes a water slide for children, and an area full of adventure games. There is also a jacuzzi pool for adults, and you find seats equipped with sunshades to relax or take a picnic. There are also a number of cafes that provide food and drinks, and swimming pools are characterized by the use of solar energy, as the area is protected from wind blows in the winter months and summer, so it is one of the best amusement parks in Cape Town.Waterworld Strand

Bugz Family Playpark

The Bugs Family Play Park is one of the best Cape Town amusement parks suitable for children from the age of two to ten, and is considered the largest game park in the Western Cape Province. It includes a huge outdoor play area beside an indoor playground, and provides a large collection of wheelchairs, climbing castles, boat and horse swing. There is also a moving train, next to the water sleds and a pool that the destination provides on summer days. You also find a play castle, and a tree house inside the indoor playground, all games ensure the safety and security of children.Bugz Family Playpark

Planet Kids

Planet Kids is one of Cape Town’s premier amusement parks; a huge playground divided into an external and an indoor part, suitable for young children. It is the first indoor entertainment destination for children in South Africa that cares for children with special needs as well. It also holds birthday parties It offers special educational and entertainment programs. It offers a wide variety of games such as: mazes, swings, latches, and climbing arenas and provides an area where adults can enjoy a rest.Planet Kids

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