Wherever you wander in Hungary you find the ancient history, customs and traditions that still characterize this country, along with its charming nature that emerges through its villages and rural areas. This makes it an appropriate destination to relax and get away from the pressures of daily life a little, but there is no objection to a little fun and enjoyment In the midst of your vacation, Hungary also offers it through its various theme parks, and the water parks occupy a large portion of the country’s amusement parks, which increases the fun and joy.

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Theme parks in Hungary

Palatinus Strandfürdő

The Palatinate Strandfordo is one of the best water parks in Hungary as it is the largest water park in Budapest, it includes many regular swimming pools and thermal thermal pools. Besides the mobile swimming pools, waterslides, and morning pools full of adventure games and different activities, the eleven swimming pools enjoy their water from the hot springs. There are also ping pong tables, a large number of rubber spots, a children’s playground, and various kiosks for selling snacks. Beach chairs are also available at the top of the building for adults to enjoy sunbathing, all of which places them among Hungary’s best parks. N: Margaret Island, Budapest 1138.Palatinus Strandfürdő

Napfenyfurdo Aquapolis

Napfenifordou Aquapolis is one of the best clubs in Hungary that offers a lot of fun to its visitors through; the many swimming pools, some of which are located internally, in addition to waterfalls and flowing water. The destination offers it for adult visitors, so it is one of the most prominent water parks in Hungary.
Napfenyfurdo Aquapolis

BalatoniBob Leisure Park

The Plasonic Pop Theme Park is one of the best clubs in Hungary, as it is suitable for both young and old as well, although it only includes one game, but it attracts many visitors. The amusement park provides a huge tens of kilometers track for skis; special vehicles that can be driven across a metal bar. A lot of twists and slopes, in order to increase the adrenaline boost and fun, which makes you want to spend a whole day there. You can ride with your friends or family members during each tour, there are also guides who know the visitors about the nature of the machines and how to manage them, so do not worry if you do not know Anything about her.Adress: Azo Die Outza 2, Palotine Viewsvo 8184.BalatoniBob Leisure Park

Annagora Aquapark

Angora Aquapark is one of the most prominent amusement parks in Hungary that includes many swimming pools, and is more like an artificial beach where it includes a large area of ​​artificial sand that surrounds swimming pools. It is also surrounded by a green area full of trees and plants, the main swimming pool is dedicated to water activities and swimming. As for swimming pools Others are small pools connected to a group of wonderful waterslides, which are designed with different shapes and effects. For adults, they can enjoy all of the above, or just sit and relax by swimming pools and enjoy the sunbathers. They can also head to one of the green spaces surrounding Place to enjoy the tranquility away from the bustle of the place, you find angora crowded during the aquapark summer and spring being a theme park in Hungary that provides a long time for full Bamah visitors from different Aloammar.anoan: Balatonfured, 35 Vrdo Yu.Annagora Aquapark

Cegled Aqua Centrum

Sjlid Aqua Centrum, one of the best Hungarian theme parks for children from the age of two to ten, is an indoor water park that includes a children’s pool with designs of toys and cartoon characters for children. There is also a set of water latches, and playgrounds for children near swimming pools. For adults, there are larger swimming pools of their own, in addition to steam rooms and Jacuzzi, which places them among the best clubs in Hungary.Cegled Aqua Centrum

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