Kerala is one of the states located on the southern coast of India, and it has a hot tropical climate with charming beaches and green spaces attracting many tourists throughout the year. The fun does not stop in that state whenever you go, you will find fun and fun, thanks to its wonderful recreational destinations and on top of the theme parks. Kerala’s Hot Spark Most theme parks are designed to be water parks where you can enjoy playing and having a good time among the fresh water.

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The amusement park in Kerala

Wonderla Amusement Park

Wonderla amusement park is one of the best amusement parks in Kerala and the most attractive place in the state for tourists, because it provides an atmosphere full of fun, fun and excitement for visitors of all ages. Dimensions, Balarama Cave, Musical Fountain and Laser Show. Address: Balikkara, Kumaraburam PO, Kochi.Wonderla Amusement Park

Silver Storm Water Theme Park

One of the best water parks in Kerala, which provides a wonderful atmosphere for family and friends, including swimming pools, and spinning wheels, along with a number of enjoyable activities such as water dancing and various water sports. , Roller Wheels. Address: Etherable, Chalakode, Thrissur District.
Silver Storm Water Theme Park

Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park is one of the most prominent amusement parks in Kerala, providing an atmosphere full of vitality and fun, with water games, water sprinklers and swimming pools. It contains a play area for children known as jumping castle, along with artificial waterfalls that refresh your time on hot days. This is in addition to water rides and jumping horse. Address: Malampura, Palakkad.Fantasy Park

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom

Sado Mari Kingdom is one of the amusement parks in Kerala that is very popular with tourists, it is a water park that includes twenty-five different games of water sleds and fun rides. Sado Mary also holds fun parties near swimming pools, there is also a wonderful play castle for young children. Address: Shala Hills, Kannur.Sadhoo Merry Kingdom

Vismaya Infotainment Center

Another destination of Kerala’s best amusement mixes fun and learning, with educational sessions and tours for young children, introducing them to the nature of plants and animals. It also includes a number of great games that include latches, roller wheels, and a roller coaster. This is next to a maze of mirrors, a cave of terror, and a four-dimensional cinema theater. There is also a laser showroom, waterfall, and animated swimming pool. Also includes a conference hall, a number of restaurants and shops, and a prayer hall. Address: Parasidikadavu PEO, Kannur.Vismaya Infotainment Center

E3 Theme Parks

The E3 theme park is one of the many amusement parks in Kerala that must be visited, located between the hills and the Yanad, and extends over a huge area and mixes fun, fun and learning. It includes fifteen destinations with different influences and designs, making it suitable for visitors of all ages and tastes. Dinosaur Park, Free Magnetic Waterfall, Paintball Playground, Rock Climbing Zone, Shooting Yard, Car Contextual Track, Trampoline Hall, Horror Tunnel, Tribal Village, Showroom, Boating Pool and Theater. .E3 Theme Parks

Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

One of Kerala’s theme parks that allows you to spend a day full of fun and fun with friends and family, which includes a wide variety of water and festive games, such as water slides, mobile swimming pools, water sprinklers, various rides in addition to a group of children love cartoon characters. , Kishmuri, Dest Malapurm, Vanshri, Vangd.Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

Dream World Water Theme Park

One of the largest water parks in Kerala and characterized by its tall industrial waterfalls, and its charming views of the green spaces. It also enjoys wonderful designs that reflect Indian culture, and includes a huge swimming pool where adults and young people can cool themselves during the hot summer months. Address: Athiraple Road, Thrissur, Chalakode.Dream World Water Theme Park

Happyland Water Theme & Amusement Park

One of Kerala’s best amusement parks for children provides a lot of wonderful games mixed with fresh water due to the hot weather. One of Kerala’s environment friendly parks includes many trees, rocks, hills and waterfalls. .Happyland Water Theme & Amusement Park

Wonderla Water Theme Park Kochi

It is one of the largest cabarets in Kerala, where it extends over an area of ​​thirty acres and is designed on international standards, which makes it enjoy a huge demand from tourists. Lots of cafes and restaurants, as well as playgrounds for young children. Address: Balikkara, Kumaraburam Boo, Kochi.Wonderla Water Theme Park Kochi

Kottayam Water Park

A final destination within Kerala’s most popular theme park, which offers a wide variety of games, from water sleds, speed boats, boats, pedals, and rolling balls.Kottayam Water Park

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