The city of Paris is distinguished by its beauty, charm, and splendor of its atmosphere, as it is a city of celebrations and is also famous for having the most beautiful amusement parks in Paris, which has the most wonderful amusement parks and water games, and therefore we dedicated this article to get to know the 5 most famous amusement parks and water games cities in Paris:

Theme parks in Paris

Estrix Park

Strix Park is one of the most famous, coolest and largest amusement parks in Paris located near Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, about 40 km from the heart of the capital and an area of ​​18 hectares and is a theme park for all the family characterized by the presence of the coolest and funniest games that suit all ages where there are more About 65 games vary between games for kids and games for adults, in addition to providing wonderful and joyful shows and celebrations throughout the summer nights, so you should not miss them.Estrix Park - ParisEstrix Park – Paris

France Miniature

France Miniature is considered one of the most important recreational cities in Paris. France takes a Miniature on a wonderful tour through France in just one day and introduces you to the history of France and all its features, besides providing wonderful activities for children and helps your child to get acquainted with the archaeologist and the life of the prehistoric child, i.e. It is an entertaining and educational place at the same time.France Miniature - Paris theme parkFrance Miniature – Paris theme park

Disney land resort paris

Disneyland amusement park is the largest amusement park complex in Europe and of course in Paris is the perfect place to have fun and spend a fun time as it contains multiple games suitable for large and small such as snake and water slides and swings, and small car races for children and adults alike, and Disney theme park is divided Land to 5 sections, each section is distinguished by its games and its most important sectionsDisney land resort paris - theme park in ParisDisney land resort paris – theme park in Paris

Fantasy land

A section dedicated to fans of Disney movie characters. It is considered a small world that takes you to a world of wonderful imagination and the most important figures of fantasy embodied in it: the sleeping beauty and the house of Pinocchio, and the wonderful Snow White.Fantasy land - Disneyland - Theme park in ParisFantasy land – Disneyland – Theme park in Paris

Discovery land

The land of discoveries and adventures, it takes you to a wonderful adventure through space and to travel through time with its games.

Adventure land

You find pirates in it and live in an atmosphere of chase and adventure as you pursue quick chases in the water aboard wonderful vehicles that use a spiral rail that can circumvent 360 degrees.Adventure land - Disneyland - Theme park in ParisAdventure land – Disneyland – Theme park in Paris

Sherwood Park in Sergey

Sherwood Park is the place where you will experience your childhood adventure as it is more than just a tree climbing park, it is a multi-activity park that will get you the pleasure of trying new games and live the adventure with the presence of games such as laser ball and the availability of a giant inflatable playground, and riding a small pony is a comprehensive park for the child takes you in Adventures outdoors and in the heart of nature.

Water park in Paris

Aqua Boulevard

The Aqua Boulevard is one of the most important water sport cities in Paris, where water games for young and old are varied, so you can find games such as playing with water cars, as well as water slides, and there are places dedicated to playing baseball and tennis, which is about 25 km from the heart of the capital.Aqua Boulevard - theme park in ParisAqua Boulevard – theme park in Paris

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