When we are on a plane, we often all share one goal, which is to have a safe, comfortable and happy flight as much as possible, but we often do not get a comfortable and happy flight, and the worst thing is that the reason for this happens is often a reason. From within us, because there is simply a set of behaviors and mistakes that cause problems.

In order to be a happy traveler enjoying a safe and comfortable flight on board aircraft you must avoid the following errors:

Do not try to take new medicines for the first time:

Where would you prefer to discover that the medicine you decided to take for the first time causes hallucinations or allergies, in your home or at an altitude of 35,000 feet from the surface of the earth? So you should avoid taking new drugs that you have not tried while you are at home, in order to avoid many unpleasant surprises.

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Do not turn off the sound inside the plane:

Most of us who travel a lot on board flights have heard the safety instructions record dozens of times before, but an important thing you have to keep in mind is that this registration, which may seem very boring to you, may be a reason to save your life in emergency situations, so no There is a problem listening to it for a few minutes.

No jokes about bombs and other things:

No one will laugh when you throw a joke about bombs or weapons inside the plane, and this will most likely cause you to be considered a threat to flight safety. Also, consider that the flight crew have powers to get you out of the plane and end your flight if he thinks that you are a threat to the safety of the flight.

Do not adjust your seat back while serving:

One of the most important rules of fitness on board, when serving food, is to return your seat to its original position so that the traveler in the seat behind your seat can eat his food in a comfortable position, because the little distance between him and your seat will be less than it is in the event that you adjust your seat position to Back.

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Do not eat pungent foods:

Another rule of fitness is if you feel hungry, do not eat on the plane foods that smell penetrated because they will annoy your neighbor in the seat and make your breath smell bad throughout the trip.

Do not overuse the host invoke button:

The main function of the air stewardess, whose top priority is to maintain the safety of passengers on board the plane, and not to achieve everything that the traveler thinks he needs on the flight, so make sure to use the stewardess of the flight attendant in moderation and only in cases of necessity.

Do not put your bag away from your seat:

This error is one of the most common mistakes among travelers and one of the most inconvenient, because if you put your bag in a place other than the place designated for it on top of your seat for some reason, the owner of the seat that you put your bag in the place designated for his bag will not find a place, to place his bag and therefore will resort to Either way, he either searches for another place to put his bag on, causing another problem for other passengers, or he tries to force you to put your bag elsewhere, and an argument between you may result.

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Do not put your feet in the faces of other travelers:

There is no problem if you take off your shoes during the flight to rest your feet a little, but provided you do the following:

Make sure to keep your feet away from the eyes of others in the sense that you do not raise your feet to the top and base them with them on the back of the front seat, especially if you are sitting in the external seat, which will hinder your neighbor’s movement in the seat next to the window.

Make sure not to extend your legs forward too far, so as not to bump into the front seat holder.

If you have a condition that causes the smelly feet of the feet, try avoiding taking off your shoes.

Do not exceed the space allocated to others:

Seats in flights have become more time over time in the plane, and therefore the space allocated to each passenger has decreased over time, some behaviors may occur spontaneously and often everyone exceeds them, the problem in disturbing behaviors that arouses the ire of others and shows you do not observe them and the most important intentional infringement on the space Assigned to others.

Do not overuse the host invoke button
Do not overuse the host invoke button

Do not put your feet in the faces of other travelers

Do not put your feet in the faces of other travelers

Do not try new medicines for the first time
Do not try new medicines for the first time

Do not put your bag away from your seat
Do not put your bag away from your seat

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