Things to beware of returning from your tourist trip

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The things that travelers bring with them to their home from their travel trip or tourist trip are divided into two types: The first type includes souvenirs, gifts, happy memories and useful experiences that you can use in the future if you decide to travel again, and this type is definitely one of the kind of things that you must bring With you to go home from your tourist trip, while the second type also includes some things that resemble memorabilia and a number of experiences and experiences, but they are of the type that you should not bring with you to the home, and so that you do not make this mistake we will review together things that you must leave them at the destination of travel before Be drawn The plane on your way to return home:

Coins and coins:

Be careful not to bring a lot of coins or foreign currency with you from your tourist trip for many reasons, the most important of which is that there are many and varied laws that control the entry and exit of foreign and domestic currencies to countries, which are laws that differ from one place to another and there are also strict laws for a number of countries that control In leaving and circulating its local currency outside the country, and in order to avoid problems, be sure not to try to get out of your tourist destination with large sums of money from local and foreign monetary currencies, the other reason is that the biggest possibility is that you will not use the coins or coins later that you brought From the point of your travel, especially if it is the type that does not circulate in abundance except in its home country, so the more you carry it, the greater your material loss.

Almost the only case in which you can keep a portion of the coins from your travel destination is to be a collector and in this case you have to choose a few coins and metal coins that have a unique shape or look beautiful to you or that you travel frequently to the destination of travel this is .

Things causing problems with airport security:

Sharp metal machines or those suspected of being used as weapons are not only things that can cause you problems with airport security, there are other things that travelers are not allowed to carry from the point of their travel and enter them to airports in other countries and sometimes it is not allowed to transport them from within the country as well, from The most famous of these things are homemade foods or unknown liquids, seeds and plants, according to the quarantine laws in airports, which differ from one country to another, a number of prescriptions and medications that may be authorized in one country and not the other.

Foreign accent fabricated:

Usually travelers resort to speaking in foreign languages ​​or even simulating one of the accents for the English language so that it appears in the travel destination more understanding of the talk of the local people, this is absolutely OK, but you have to stop speaking in different languages ​​or accents after you return to your home so as not to You look grandiose or illusory to others.

Things you no longer need:

Is one of your cosmetic packaging or toothpaste coming close? Throw it in the trash in the hotel and do not think about putting it in the travel bags to carry it with you to the home, this also applies to the things that were damaged or broken or the clothes that you consumed during your travel trip and you think they are no longer suitable anymore, and if you feel a feeling Bad about getting rid of some things that you don’t need. You can always donate it inside the travel destination, but you don’t have to carry it in travel bags and return it to your home country to get rid of it there.

Small insects and small parasitic animals:

It may seem funny or implausible, but many travelers bring with them many harmful parasitic insects with them from the point of travel, which is unintentional, of course, but insects such as bed bugs can stick to your clothes or personal items that you will carry later in your travel bag And from there to your home in your home country, the worst thing about this type of insect is that it is highly endemic in its new environment and once it enters your home it will be difficult for you to get rid of it.

Other parasitic organisms that you can bring with you to the home are cockroaches and smelly bugs, and to avoid this from happening you have to check your travel bags, clothes, and personal items and look carefully for insects and other parasitic things before you ship them or travel them to your home country.


Stories that talk about the transmission of dangerous germs and epidemics from one country to another by travelers are not rare stories and we have heard a lot about them before, so you should avoid being a reason for transporting harmful bacteria, germs and parasitic organisms to your home and your motherland, and you can do this by following the procedures Health that protects you from injury from diseases, wash your clothes in hot water as soon as you empty the bags after you arrive home, clean the travel bags carefully, suspend items that were washed outdoors and under direct sunlight until they dry, use gel or anti-bacterial soap, no h It seems that even if your travel destination is one of the countries that it is not known to be from an environment for the spread of diseases and epidemics, the plane that you will travel to on the return and return trips will most likely not be so, so make sure to use wipes and disinfectants continuously while you are on the plane.

Illegal things:

It means, of course, all the things that the law of the state prohibits to bring them into the country, and if we put the prohibited things that everyone knows (such as narcotic drugs, weapons, and the like), you will find that there are other countries that prevent the entry of some substances that other countries allow to enter, for example innocent substances such as Vegetables, fruits, and some other things are not allowed to enter through airports in many countries.

Things to beware of returning from your tourist trip - Things to beware of returning from your tourist trip
Things you should not bring home with you on your tourist trip

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1581286343 716 Things to beware of returning from your tourist trip - Things to beware of returning from your tourist trip
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Transporting animals at airports is strictly enforced

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