Things to do in Dubai this weekend

المسافرون العرب

Things to do in Dubai This weekend it is advisable to visit, the bride of the United Arab Emirates “Dubai” has many spaces in which to spend the weekend time. She is artistic in caring for the entertainment space in the lives of her fans, and her citizens always, and in our next article on Arab travelers we learn about the most important tourist places in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai this weekend 2020

  • Many people like to spend their summer times in Dubai in those open spaces, which provide an atmosphere of fun and joy, and in this regard we can mention the following:


  • Gamble City provides an opportunity for everyone, old and young, to enter the maze and move between the different stages.
  • Participants and contestants rely on their mental and physical abilities to solve puzzles so that they can cross to a new stage each time.
  • There is the Gamble Maze in Al Barsha, Dubai, and it is available from ten in the morning until twelve in the evening at the end of the week, and its prices include the value-added tax, and is determined according to the number of hours (two or four hours).

Queen Elizabeth II ship

  • It is one of the most famous water hotels, and Dubai Port, in the Al Murshid neighborhood, has taken Morsi for nearly 11 years.
  • The ship is famous for having a museum that has a history of 39 years, and the presence of many high-end rooms and suites, and cafes and restaurants that overlook the Gulf waters and provide many services for individuals and families.
  • The ship has several services like free antenna, fitness center, spa and swimming pool. Also, the prices for one night stay are suitable for all.

Hub Zero

  • The Hap Zero entertainment game space, which simulates a virtual world, is characterized by the multiplicity of electronic games, which allows to fulfill all the requirements and desires of children in this field.
  • The sense of imparting adventures in all the spaces and games provided, not only allows youngsters to play alone, but also gives room for older people to participate as well.
  • The center is available from the eleven o’clock in the morning at the weekend until the next morning, and its prices start from 75 dirhams.

Jumeirah Park and Beach

  • The beach provides the pleasure of spending time during the day, enjoying swimming, sea rides and waves.
  • This is in addition to providing many private spaces on the beach, in case of wanting more space than privacy.
  • The most important amenities that beach goers need are parking spaces, restaurants and cafes.
  • Visitors also pay tribute to the garden, its cleanliness, and the provision of spaces for children to play. And it gives a wonderful appearance as the beach is monitored at sunset. And it is cheap in its entry price as well.
  • Visitors are advised to visit Jumeirah Beach and Park at sunset, and experience an hour’s walk on the beach.

Bed Garden

  • How beautiful it is to spend time in vast green spaces, carrying only a lot of games! It is the pleasure provided by the Dubai Butterfly Garden, which is located in the north of Al Barsha, Dubai.
  • You can walk around with your children in the Butterfly Museum, the educational area where different types of butterflies are spread, as well as the aquarium fish of colorful ornaments.
  • The park is available from nine in the morning until six in the evening, and its prices are suitable for everyone.

The port bazaar

  • The bazaar is close to Khalifa bin Walid Street in Dubai, and is a great place for fun-loving shopping for souvenirs, jewelery, popular clothing in India, and the purchase of fabrics and other products.
  • The bazaar works from nine in the morning until ten in the evening, and the prices in it vary, so it is suitable for all groups, and the family’s enjoyment of shopping at the bazaar is one of the best activities with the end of the week.

There are also many other spaces available in Dubai that enable you to spend time at the end of the week, and you can view them through our other articles on Dubai and how to spend time with them.

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