Whether you choose to visit it in the fall or winter season, your vacation in Georgia will be a pleasant journey full of memories, as Georgia enjoys the charming nature and wonderful historical monuments.

Georgia is suitable for family trips, including entertainment and exploration opportunities, and is ideal for skiing enthusiasts in the winter and provides medical tourism through hot springs.

In addition, Georgia has moderate prices, which are ideal for a pleasant trip this fall, as well as in the winter season, so today we offer you a set of advice and things to know before traveling to Georgia ..

The best time to visit Georgia

The time to visit Georgia varies depending on the purpose of the trip. If you aspire to enjoy skiing, winter is the time to have a wonderful holiday in the heart of nature. For mild weather lovers, they can visit Georgia in the fall and spring.

In October, Georgia is filled with various festivals and parties, which include its own traditional arts such as folk arts and dance festivals, and a visit at this time may be a great opportunity for carnivals.

Learn basic words

In some areas of Georgia, locals do not speak English, so it may be useful to know some basic words in the Georgian language for ease of understanding and communication.


Exchange and currency exchange offices are available everywhere in Georgia, as well as methods of credit card payments. You do not need to carry a large amount of cash during your transportation in Georgia to avoid theft.

Transportation in Georgia

Georgia has a well-developed transportation network, such as metro and buses, that is affordable, taxis are affordable, but require price negotiation, and the rail network provides quick access to various cities.

drinking water

Drinking water is safe and clean in the tap in Georgia, but do not miss the mineral water as well there, it is one of the purest and best types of mineral water and helps in healing some diseases.


The finest souvenirs and handmade goods can be purchased at Meydan Bazaar, where many heritage products are available at reasonable prices.

Use bargaining

In-store sellers usually charge exaggerated prices for tourists, so bargaining skills should always be used when buying.


The weather is volatile in Georgia, so it is best to carry a variety of clothes between light clothing, jacket and coats, as it may surprise you in cold times or showers.


Prices for medicines are high in Georgia, and some medicines are not issued without a prescription, so it is best to take your medications with you before traveling.

Watch out for the sun

In mountainous areas and nature reserves, the sun is hot in Georgia, with protective cream, hats and sunglasses preferred.

Follow the safety rules

It is preferable to adhere to safety rules when moving in Georgia, as it is necessary to avoid walking in quiet streets at night and remote areas, especially in the northern regions, and it is preferable to tour group trips with a tourist guide.

Use the transportation card

A special prepaid card is available in Georgia to use transportation, such as buses, metro and cable cars, and this card is sold in various kiosks, metro and train stations.

Wear comfortable shoes

Tourism in Georgia depends on hiking and exploration, so it is best to wear comfortable, long-running shoes.

Things to know before traveling to Georgia
Things to know before traveling to Georgia

The most beautiful times in Georgia

The most beautiful times in Georgia

Fun atmosphere in Georgia
Fun atmosphere in Georgia

Magic and beauty in Georgia
Magic and beauty in Georgia

Great vacation in Georgia
Great vacation in Georgia

Great scenes in Georgia
Great scenes in Georgia

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