Traveling to Bali is a great opportunity to spend a vacation in one of the tropical islands that includes many charming natural places, picturesque beaches and valuable archaeological sites. Until you get a journey without complications while traveling to Bali, there is a group of things that you must know and do.

Things you should know before traveling to Bali

Entry visa

Indonesia grants a free visa to citizens of 169 countries, which can be identified from here, while the majority of other countries can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport.

the climate

Like all tropical islands, Bali has a changing climate throughout the year, so the rainy season starts from October until April, the dry season from May to September, and the best times to visit are between May to August.


International driving license holders are allowed to drive cars on the streets of Bali and drive to the left, as they are in the Arab countries.

Taxi service

The best certified taxi service in Bali is (Blue Bird Taxi) company on (+62 (0) 361 701 111) and it adopts the meter accounting system.Traveling to Bali

SIM cards

Contact cards are available in most stores and small kiosks and they are ready to connect to and enter the Internet. Just be sure to specify the size of the chip to suit your mobile. Read also: the most important tourist events in Bali

Visit the temples

It is not required to wear a uniform when visiting temples, but it is preferable that the costume be appropriate. Most of the temples are free to tourists.

Tap water

Tap water is often not drinking and may cause intestinal problems, so it is advised to purchase bottled water.


In the event of any emergency, the police can be called at the short number (110) and the ambulance at (118).


You can save a lot of money while traveling to Bali by not completely relying on hotel services. Services provided by hotels such as (taxi / food / laundry and ironing) cost twice as much as what can be paid to outside stores.

Local language

If you depend on your trip to Bali to go around and explore, you need to learn some local words that help you communicate. These are some basic words that you must learn before traveling to Bali: -Thank Terima Kasih please Tolong Welcome to Kembali Excuse me-sorry Maaf How are you? Apa Khabar? Good morning ( Before 11 am) Selamat Pagi Greetings for the afternoon (until 3 pm) Selamat Siang Evening greetings (until 6 pm) Selamat Sore Night salutes Selamat Malam Good night Selamat Tidur Farewell Selamat Tinggal Yes Iya no Tidak How much is it? Berapa? Expensive Mahal Is there cheaper? Murah?

Accommodation costs

Accommodation costs for small hostels and hostels in Bali start at around Rs. 135,000 for a group room, while the price is Rs. 335,000 for a double room.

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