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All you need to know about Borjomi Georgia

Borjomi is a wonderful city in central Georgia, as well as the nature reserve of the same name and the hot volcanic mineral water that originates there and is famous for it until it became known as the city of mineral springs, there are many tourist places and destinations worth visiting in Borjomi.
This famous town is a popular tourist resort with many hotels available, and because it was very popular in the Soviet era, it still has many buildings of a socialist nature, and above the city center there is a high plateau decorated with a Ferris wheel through which the visitor can Sightseeing from the top and surrounding mountains are seen from above. Moreover, the largest Georgian Kharagoly National Park in Georgia is a popular hiking destination and close to the city.
Join us on this topic to learn more about Borjomi Georgia Many reasons to book a four-night trip in Tbilisi and Borjomi, including accommodation and flight tickets leaving from Saudi Arabia, will be a great trip with Arab travelers.

Where is Borjomi located and how to get there?

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The city is located to the west of Tbilisi, about 160 km (about two hours by car) and 130 km to the southeast of Kutaisi, the city sleeps in the amazing Borjomi Straits with its stunning scenery made by the Kura Valley below the lower Caucasus Mountains in central Georgia, and the city is guarded to the east by a park Borjomi Kharagoli National
After a flight to Tbilisi you will be on a date with land trips, you can rent a car for you and your family, join on organized tours, or ride public transportation, and to reach the city’s resorts from Tbilisi you only have to take buses that run continuously throughout the day, and even collective taxis .
There are also Tbilisi trains passing through the city of Gori and then Mtskheta, and there are two stations, Borjomi Parque near the National Park, and Borjomi Freit near the city center, and the journey from Tbilisi to Borjomi takes between 4 to 5 hours.

The most beautiful sights in Borjomi


Borjomi Central Park

It is located one and a half kilometers to the southeast of the city center, it is a beautiful park that extends along the Borjumula River, and contains the first source of mineral water in Borjomi, and while the first section of the park contains amusement parks, entertainment places and cafes, the second section is a great place to take picnics, At the end of your excursion, you will reach a high waterfall and a carved statue, a suitable place to take a number of pictures.

Natural hot springs

It is about 2.8 km from the entrance to the Central Park (Central Park), if you are hiking with a rental car you can enter through the hills of the road to the east, and this tourist destination is a group of three natural hot water pools, very popular by the locals who want to take picnics But it is not very hot, so you cannot swim in the winter.

Borjomi Cable Car

And always near the entrance to the central park there is an option to use the cable car to reach the top of the plateau where there is a large Ferris wheel through which you can see the different views of the Borjomi area from the sky.

Green Monastery

It is an old monastery located just outside the city, you can walk there or ride with a taxi for 10 Larry Georgi, but it is better to take a short walk in the nature through the woods until you reach the monastery, which is a very small but beautiful monastery in a location in the nature.

Borjomi Khargoli National Park

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You can walk long walks and hike among the largest national park in Georgia, with an area covering about 8 percent of its total territory, and in front of this huge space you will find a great diversity in the physical and geographical climatic conditions that endowed the land with great wealth and diversity in plants and animals, regardless of nature Virgin, there are many cultural attractions, in particular churches, some dating back to the ninth century and easily accessible.
There are eight official tourist paths in the Borjomi Kharguli National Park, they vary in length, duration and complexity, and open from April to October, but you have to plan your trip by heading to the park administration office located on Meskhetti Street west of Bergumi, and getting permission to tour the park plus Map of the area including all roads and shelters.

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