The Tianzi Mountain is named after Chiang Dacun who led the revolt of local farmers and called himself the “Son of Heaven.” The majestic mountain offers stunning views of the peaks that rise one after another on the horizon, and is known as the “King of the Peak Forest”. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see the skyline of the region with its magnificent views and four wonders: the sea of ​​clouds, the moonlight, the sunshine and the snow in winter.

The area of ​​the area is 67 square kilometers, and the area of ​​the tourist area reaches 45 square kilometers, while the highest point in which the Kunlo peak reaches a height of 1262 meters above sea level, and the lowest point in the Chilan Valley is 534 meters.
The mountains contain many surprises such as the bridge and the heavenly baths, ancient temples and gates of paradise, in addition to five waterfalls and six caves and eighty-four natural balcony for sightseeing. It is a wonderful blend of splendor and tranquility in natural life with forest peaks, sea of ​​clouds, wonderful sunrise and pristine snow in winter.

A major landmark on Tianzi Mountain is the so-called “The Fairy Maid strewing Flowers”, which is inspired by the “Zhangjiajie” garden, where the summit looks like a beautiful girl who scatters flowers from her basket to visitors. As for Chantang Bay, it looks like a huge bucket corridor with a depth of 400 meters, and the Immortal Bridge has amazing views of the nature reserve that stretches along 26 meters, including the eastern gate of the committee and double caves, along with suspended fields, the celestial pool and double waterfalls.

The period from April to October is the golden time to visit Mount Tianzi, where the mountains are covered with a layer of green grass and colorful flowers, and forests in summer provide a beautiful place to escape from the intense heat, and when the air becomes dry in the autumn, the colors of plants and flowers change to make it look like a painting Dreamy oily,
And visitors can enjoy the beauty of plum blossoms when snow covers mountains in winter.

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