In the next article, we show you the most prominent recreational activities in Dubai Parks and Resorts in detail, this place is one of the most important tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates, as it was built on an area of ​​25 million feet on Sheikh Zayed Road near Palm Jebel Ali, to include many parks The entertainment that visitors go to to do different activities, and experience games that were designed with modern cinematic techniques similar to the techniques used in Hollywood and Bollywood films, and through the following paragraphs of the Arab travelers we show you the most prominent recreational activities in Dubai Park and Resorts in addition to a quote Games in this place.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Park and Resorts ticket prices

  • The place has provided many entry packages for visitors, through which they can visit Dubai Park and Resorts for unlimited times, and the package prices vary according to the number of places that visitors enter, so there are subscriptions for entering one park, and other packages for entering the water games area, and packages that include all parks And the areas in the place, and holders of those packages of visitors can get great discounts in restaurants, cafes and gift shops located inside the park.
  • To inquire about the prices of parks entry tickets and to inquire about annual membership rates, visit the Dubai Park and Resorts website and book tickets through this link.
  • You can also contact customer service and call from within the United Arab Emirates on the number: 800 2629464.
  • Or call from outside the country on +971 4 8200000.

Theme parks in Dubai parks and resorts

Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai is a large park that contains more than 27 different games and entertainment activity, and what distinguishes it is its design that mimics Hollywood movies, and there are various games such as roller coaster games, interactive activities, in addition to a distinctive restaurants and cafes area, and there is a store area that people visit To shop and buy toys and gifts, and there is also a large theater in which various shows are held, in addition to the animation that everyone loves, such as Shrek movie, Kung Fu Panda movie, and Hunger James movie.

  • Working hours of Motiongate Dubai: The venue opens its doors from the beginning of the twelve o’clock in the afternoon until nine o’clock in the evening on the days from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays, his work hours extend until ten in the evening.
  • Motiongate Dubai Prices: You can visit the place once and pay a ticket worth AED 245 per person.
  • Or sign up for an annual membership of AED 345.
  • It is also possible to pay an annual ticket to enter all parks and facilities, the value of that ticket is AED 595.

Motiongate Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Visitors go to Bollywood Parks to watch the most popular Bollywood cinema movies, and enjoy the various entertainment activities that are offered in the place. It is worth noting that Bollywood Parks is divided into five places, which are the Cinema Studios area, the Royal Plaza area, in addition to the Rustic Raven area, and Bollywood Boulevard, as well The place includes the Mumbai Chowk region, and there is a theater called “Raj Mahal” in the park, and what distinguishes it is its large area that contains about a thousand seats, so visitors go to this theater to see the various shows that are organized weekly, and there is also in the Bollywood Parks Al Uday Restaurants offering delicious meals inspired by Indian cuisine, as well as shops that sell products and miscellaneous gifts.

  • Bollywood Parks entry prices: The admission price is AED 99 per person to enter all Bollywood Parks facilities.
  • Children under the age of three are allowed free of charge, provided that visitors are of UAE nationality.
  • For tourists, an entry ticket of AED 175 is provided.
  • You can subscribe to the annual membership at the venue and pay an amount of 595 to enter all Dubai Parks and Resorts facilities.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Legoland Water Park

One of the most attractive areas for visitors in the park is the Legoland Water Park, which is one of the most prominent water games areas in the United Arab Emirates, which was specially designed to suit children and ages ranging from 2 to 12 years, so there are about 20 recreational games that are It is safe for young people, in addition to providing service facilities such as places designated for rest, rooms for changing clothes, and a chapel to perform the prayer, in addition to providing trained crew to provide first aid in the event of a child being affected during play.
Legoland Water Park

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