Timgad effects

المسافرون العرب


The city of Timgad is known in the Algerian state, as it is one of the most famous Romen archeological cities in the world, where the city of Timgad was built a hundred years ago, during the reign of the Romen Emperor Trajan, to be one of the defensive cities of his kingdom on the African continent, and to this day is still a province In terms of shape and form, despite the passing of time, it is considered the rarest archeological city in the African continent, as it is an integrated city, showing Romen architectural art in its best form, as its shape is in the form of chess board, as there are two roads divided into four squares.

The most important monuments in Timgad

  • Forum: It is the public square located in the center of the archaeological city, and the solar clock is famous for it, which consists of several perpendicular lines. Time is determined by the reflection of the sun’s rays in it, and there is also a temple for the emperor, as well as the country council, in addition to the Palace of Justice, as there is in The courtyard is a public market that contains a number of shops, the walls of which contain ancient Romen inscriptions.
  • Toilets: There are about fourteen toilets located in this city, and they indicate the luxury and urbanization of the Romen state, which attached importance to the toilets amid organized engineering coordination.
  • The public library: It was once ranked second among Romen offices in the world, and it is made up of eight shelves.
  • Trajan’s Arch: This arch is considered the most beautiful Romen arches, and its construction dates back to the second century AD, and was built to commemorate Trajan’s accomplishments and victories.
  • The City Theater: It is a great Romen amphitheater, which resembles all the Romen amphitheater that exists around the world, and which was considered the most important cultural monument at the time, where many festivals and celebrations are held, and this amphitheater is still important today where the Timqad International Festival is the most famous.
  • The Capitol: It is one of the most famous buildings that was raised on a stone platform, and a special stone staircase was built to reach it.

This city also contains many immortal Romen ruins, such as the temple of the god of the Romens, Saturn, which includes an object has a stone carved, and also the ancient Romen writings and inscriptions, as well as inscriptions of the Romen king and represented in a table engraved with news about him, and a large number of columns that are still tall today. Standing in the face of time, it also contains many stone figures, which are a monument placed by the Romens to sanctify the dead, and a few pottery and stone urns, in addition to mosaic panels covering the floors of dwellings and bathrooms.

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