Tips before going to Japan

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Tips before going to Japan, Japan is one of the most wonderful destinations that enjoy a smooth and wonderful mixture of originality and heritage represented by adhering to the old traditions and the modernity that is represented in the new technology, which made Japan the focus of attention of many where those who have visited will find many wonderful and ideal experiences Waiting for him, in addition to being a country rich in many great attractions that attract tourists, and in return for all this Japan is one of the most countries in the world in travel costs, and since Japan is one of the most committed countries and adheres to its traditions and customs, it was very important Its visitors should understand the nature of this community well, and here are some tips before traveling to Japan on Arab travelers.

Best time to travel to Japan:

One of the best times to travel to Japan is April or spring, as parks are adorned with trees and roses, especially the breathtaking sakura flowers, and you should know that the weather in Japan varies from place to place and from one region to another so it was to ensure rain and average temperatures The area to be visited is necessary.

Tips before going to Japan:

The language :

Language barrier may be a problem for many tourists, but this problem can be overcome by relying on sign language, this is used by many tourists who do not know the Japanese language, but this does not prevent some Japanese phrases from being learned as this will provide an opportunity to interact more with The locals, as learning some Japanese phrases is a sign of respect for the country’s people and customs.

Medical masks:

Many Japanese wear natural masks if they get sick or because they are worried about contamination, so they use them to prevent the spread of viruses, to prevent infection, and to fight germs.


Bending in Japanese culture is a way to salute and apologize. Respect for the elderly is a must. In the case of welcoming friends, the bending is done quickly at a speed of 30 degrees, while with the elderly and bosses at work the bending is deeper with a degree of 70 degrees.

Commitment to public morals:

When eating food, adherence to the seat is sacred for the Japanese people, using the small wet towel provided by the rinse to clean hands before eating.

Use of chopsticks:

Especially when eating food in Japanese restaurants, and after finishing eating food, the sticks should not be left planted with rice bowl in a vertical way, as this is considered offensive to the Japanese, because planting sticks vertically resembling sticks of incense that are planted in the sand during funeral rites.

Tipping is not necessary:

As providing tip to the waiter, the hotel service provider, or the taxi driver is totally unacceptable, especially since the bills include all the required expenses, so beware of paying the tip.

Take off shoes:

One of the customs used by the people of Japan when entering homes or some companies or hotels is to take off the shoe, as there is a shelf at the entrance where the shoes are placed on it, and I know that the Japanese person uses more than one shoe in his daily life, as there are shoes for bedrooms and other for the toilet, and shoes To get out.

System and teamwork:

The Japanese people appreciate the value of teamwork and harmony at the same time, and at the same time they respect the public order and adhere to it within the framework of dealing with the group.


The exchange of gifts is a common matter for the Japanese. When a person presents a gift, it must be taken with both hands, and express to him all the gratitude and not open it until the person has left or opened it in the event that he requested it.

safety :

Japan is one of the relatively safe countries. While seeing the Japanese people sleep on trains, this is clear evidence of reassurance and safety.

Take enough cash:

The Japanese society relies more on cash transactions than credit cards, despite the popularity of Japan that technology comes in all aspects, but there are many shops that only accept cash transactions, especially those outside the big cities.


In Japan there are a lot of creative innovations, in the case of wanting to get a cup of noodles or hot canned coffee or a can of drink and other things, such things are bought from automatic machines.


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