New Zealand is a charming country that is hard to resist for adventure lovers and nature lovers as it enjoys an integrated nature reserve that has not been spoiled by modern civilization so far.

And before you pack your bags to set off on a special trip to New Zealand, we know with you the most important directions and advice to ensure that the trip is enjoyed to the fullest degree.

Find out the emergency number

New Zealand is safe and quiet, but that does not mean that you do not take your precautions and know the emergency number. The emergency number in New Zealand differs from the internationally recognized number 911. The New Zealand emergency number is 111 for ambulance services, police and other emergency situations.

Use maps

New Zealand enjoys vast areas of forests and meadows, which makes knowing the roads difficult for tourists, as it is difficult to use Google Maps for some areas because of the inaccuracy of the information, so it is advised to download maps for each city from its website.

Choose the right time

Before planning a trip to New Zealand you should know the perfect weather for your goals from the trip, because the summer season is suitable for those who love nature adventures and getting to know the forests, meadows and coasts.

As for the winter season, it is ideal for lovers of skiing, visiting icebergs in the mountains, such as Mount Cook and Mount Uraki, and watching the rivers freeze in enchanting views.

Reduce the cost

New Zealand is an important tourist destination today so it may be crowded during peak tourist times, and experts advise to avoid hotels at this time as their prices tend to rise significantly and depend on rooms and rented apartments or beautiful housing in the heart of the countryside.

Avoid driving

The adventure of renting may drive you to rent a car and drive between cities in a desire to explore, but experts advise to avoid driving due to the rough roads and some of them are terrifyingly isolated.

It is always advised to use ferries to reach various tourist cities, use public buses, or rent safari cars with a tourist guide.

Reduce the cost of food

Eating meals can be expensive in New Zealand, so travel lovers advise you to cook your own food if you rent an apartment or eat canned food, groceries, and light sandwiches instead of restaurant meals.

Internet services

You should know that the free internet service is not available in all regions of New Zealand, and that the Internet in most parts may be slow, so you should adopt international services to connect to the Internet in cases of necessity.

Don’t forget to visit the islands

Don’t let the beauty of New Zealand destinations make it easy to get to know the wonderful islands that attract visitors to relax on their beaches, swim with dolphins, surf, and savor seafood.

Pay attention to the timing of the seasons

You must know the timing of the seasons in New Zealand correctly, as New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, which makes the summer months begin in December, January and February! While winter is in June, July and August! The fall season is between March, April and May, and the spring is between September, October and November.

Follow the safety rules

Despite New Zealand’s safety, caution should be exercised and avoid incursions into isolated areas or walk at night in quiet or uninhabited areas.

Adhere to prices

New Zealanders hate to negotiate prices and try to lower the price so it is advisable to adhere to the established rates when buying souvenirs.

The pleasure of the trip in New Zealand cannot be resisted
The pleasure of the trip in New Zealand cannot be resisted

Stunning beaches in New Zealand

Stunning beaches in New Zealand

The splendor of New Zealand
The splendor of New Zealand

The splendor of nature in New Zealand
The splendor of nature in New Zealand

Beauty and magic in New Zealand.
Beauty and magic in New Zealand.

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