Tips before traveling to Thailand

المسافرون العرب

Thailand is a beautiful country .. It became famous and famous among the Arab travelers in particular, because they found their way between landscapes and tourist attractions, and because there are people planning to visit them for the first time, there are many things that must be known before traveling:

1. What will you visit?
Thailand has a lot to offer visitors, from a thriving capital to beautiful mountains to tropical beaches and spectacular islands. So if you will be staying there for a few weeks or more, you will not be able to see all the scenic sights, and then you must put some options and preferences before you arrive, either through the tour guide or the advice of friends or online.
Tips before traveling to Thailand - Tips before traveling to Thailand
2. Plan your residence before traveling
If you know that the area you will visit is very crowded with people, such as Khao San Street in Bangkok or Patong Beach in Phuket, then you must have planned in advance before traveling to your residence, we know that it is not difficult for you to walk from one hotel to another to find your suitable request, However, wandering around with a backpack to find a place to sleep, although it might be fun in a new country, often ends in a miserable experience.
3. Visit the doctor
Thailand is known to have few health risks for visitors, but many doctors recommend hepatitis B vaccination, and possibly other medications and vaccinations depending on your general health and the areas you will be visiting.
4. Learn about culture in Thailand
Thailand is like anywhere else in the world, whether you come from North America, Europe, Asia or Africa, Thailand will likely look very foreign and exotic country upon your arrival. However, the transition between its parts may be better through a simple reading of the country’s history, religions and etiquette.

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Avoid the independence of Tok Tok especially in Bangkok

5. Avoid tuk-tuk
Although tuk tuk is a real symbol in Thailand, it is usually the most expensive option. Also, many expats and Thais themselves advise visitors to avoid the independence of Tok Tok in Bangkok, especially since it is known for tricks with local companies to intentionally take you to the wrong place. So he considered it a last resort in other parts of the country.
6. Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes in Thailand are a problem for many tourists and visitors, so you should keep an anti-mosquito in your bag so that you do not have any special diseases if your skin is sensitive to bites.
7. Dress conservative
When visiting temples, the dress should be conservative (preferably white) especially for women who should wear pants or long skirts, with their shoulders covered, and sandals should not be worn.
You should know that many temples inside the country do not allow photographing, so you should respect that.
8. Respect for the king and the ruling family
This is the most important thing you should know before visiting Thailand. Do not talk negatively about the king or any member of the royal family. It is illegal and you can find yourself in prison if some negative phrases are spoken.
Street dining in Thailand is an experience worth doing
9. The best street food
If you want to try really tasty Thai food, you will not find better than it on public streets. You will find an endless number of exquisite dishes. You should know that most people who work on the street and in food stalls do not speak much English, so just referring to something delicious that you like will be a positive idea.
10. Thai English Dictionary
In the main tourist areas of Thailand you can handle easily without knowing the Thai word as most Thais in these areas have limited knowledge of English. However, most likely the dictionary can be of great help when you find it difficult to handle. And be sure to buy one that is designed for English speakers that will have phonetic pronunciation of Thai words instead of just a word in the Thai script that will be useless to you.
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