Tips for a fun family tourist trip on Eid

المسافرون العرب

Tourist trips with the family on the feast are among the most important and strongest memories that remain in the mind of the individual and the family, but traveling on the feast requires observance of some rules.

Eid travel requires a great deal of caution, especially when traveling with children, as airports are crowded, parks and parks are full of people looking for the joy of Eid.

For this reason, parents become a heavy burden in the case of traveling with children in addition to the constant anxiety, but this burden should not deprive you of the pleasure of special holiday trips, as with some organization, things will be fine.

Here is a set of important tips for a successful tourist trip on Eid with family and children:

1- Before traveling long enough, give your children basic information about the idea of ​​travel and movement in congestion, and multiple instructions on the importance of staying close to you so that they do not get lost in the crowd.

2- Make sure to take special meals for your children, especially if they are under the age of four, it should be a meal suitable for their food style and age, and avoid ready-made meals or sweets that may cause digestive problems, so you do not know when your child will go hungry during the waiting hours at the airport.

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3- Assign your children entertainment to avoid feeling bored in long airport queues or on the plane to avoid crying spells in airports that cause inconvenience to travelers, and you can entertain them with comic book brochures, coloring books, and children’s applications on smartphones.

4- Be prepared with all the comforts of children such as wet, sterile wipes, ointments for diaper inflammation, a number of additional diapers and chewing gum to avoid ear pain in the take off and landing of the aircraft..Do not search for these things at the airport or the plane but rather prepare them from home to avoid embarrassing and tired situations for the child, which It will cause you nervous pressure that you do not need.

5- Prepare for your children a bracelet on the wrist, such as the plastic birth bracelet that carries his name, data and address in his country, the hotel address in the country to which they are heading, and any means of communication in case the child is lost, and I show him the importance of keeping this bracelet tied on the wrist and not removing it during the presence at the airport and tourist outings, which is Available in some pharmacies or baby kits.

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6- Know the weather conditions in your tourist destination to prepare suitable and adequate clothes for your children, and prepare additional clothes for babies in order to avoid the cold weather on the plane or in the air-conditioned places.

7 – Avoid children experiencing strange or unusual foods for their food style in your tourist destination, such as semi-cooked seafood or spicy food, as the child may experience any bad health symptoms because of his different digestive abilities from adults.

8- Prepare your children to interact civilly in crowded airports, and explain to them the importance of remaining calm and avoiding crowding in the corridors of travelers and causing noise or inconvenience as the airport is not a playground.

9- Make copies of your travel documents and identification documents with you and your children on an online storage facility such as Google Drive, as you may need them in emergency situations according to expert opinions.

10- If your children are of the age that allows the use of smart phones, you can use GPS tracking applications with their activation before traveling.

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11- Make a plan with your husband or family members before traveling to take care of children and luggage together, so you should not bear the full burden, which exposes you to a lot of pressure or problems.

12- Before traveling, subscribe to the UBER Taxi app with a credit card with sufficient balance, so it will make your family transportation easier in your different destinations.

Traveling with your family and children is a great pleasure and important experiences. Do not deprive your children of it, but follow a strict system to avoid trouble or risks.

Tips for a fun family tourist trip on Eid - Tips for a fun family tourist trip on Eid
Tips for a fun family tourist trip on Eid

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