More than sixty-four tourists visit the peninsula annually. Many of them return many times to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Italy. Therefore, it is placed among the four best European countries for tourism. The italyn people are kind, friendly and approachable. They also protect the most important historical treasures in the world. Here are tips on traveling to Italy to enjoy a visit to this wonderful country.

Tips on traveling to Italy

Train tickets reservation

When you book train tickets, be sure to give your information to the ticket boycott correctly. So that you do not run into problems or be prevented from entering the train carriage. There is a tourist who tells his story about this; he mistakenly wrote a surname in front of his wife's name, instead of a lady. From entering the train, but after long attempts to persuade him, she was allowed.

Don't ask for green salads in italyn restaurants

Eating traditional food; one of the motivations for traveling to Italy. But be careful not to ask for green salad while eating; you will not get more than a plate filled with lettuce leaves.

Do not order a special dish

italyn restaurants; stick to their menu, and don't go out of them. So if you ask for a change, or change your plate. Don't expect to get it.

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Do not expect to eat early

Most restaurants open in Italy, especially luxury restaurants. At seven in the evening, and maybe after that, so you can have a quick meal, at one of the small stalls, or cafes around the country.

Cover fees

Cover fees vary from restaurant to restaurant, and their value is placed at the bottom of the menu. And you estimate a few euros. You better check it, so you don't feel embarrassed or shocked when paying the account.

Money, money exchange machines

It is better to change the currency in your country before traveling to Italy, but if you miss it, or need more euros, the best airport cashier machines where you save you a lot of money. They are also free especially on weekends. Do not change Currency When you buy something inside a shop or restaurant where you are being exploited and losing a lot of your money.

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Italy is not without congestion, whether on the streets, or trains. So if you intend to travel to Italy it is better to put in place a plan for the activities that you intend to do so that you do not get caught up in congestion and your vacation turns into a nightmare. Move to your destination early, as this will make you a lot of trouble.


If you want to cut your costs or get away from the crowds. Book your accommodation far from the capital and big cities. Villages and small neighborhoods in Italy have a special beauty. You can also socialize with its people, and learn about hidden tourist places.

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