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Tips when traveling to Dubai, if Dubai was your next tourist destination, that emirate that is distinguished by its own beauty and charm that attracts everyone from all parts of the earth to travel to see it, where it meets ancient and modern civilization and technology, but there are some who see that Dubai is one of the destinations Tourist is expensive and expensive, this is real, but in the case of planning in advance and well before traveling to Dubai, setting a budget and adhering to some proven advice, it will help you a lot to enjoy your vacation in Dubai for Arab travelers.

Some facts that attract tourists to Dubai:

  • The safety and security enjoyed by Dubai, as it is one of the safest countries, as crime rates are non-existent.
  • It continues to thrive and grow. From the first skyscraper built in 1991, the number of skyscrapers has more than 400 skyscrapers with multiple floors, as it now has the largest skyscrapers in the world, Burj Khalifa.
  • Half of Dubai’s population is Indian, in addition to various other nationalities.
  • Economic strength, as its economy, which was dependent on oil, became dependent on trade, tourism and real estate, and oil became only 11% of the economy of the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Freedom to practice worship, since Dubai has more than 180 nationalities and many religions, it guarantees freedom of worship for them.
  • The number of cranes in Dubai has reached more than 20% of the total cranes in the world.

Tips when traveling to Dubai:

  • Ensure that the date of the visit is in the period from October to April, as the weather in the city is lower than the rest of the months of the year, so it is advised not to visit it during the summer days, and to go to it during the winter and autumn days, where the weather is warm and temperate.
  • Reservation of airline tickets six months before the date of travel, because most airlines provide huge discounts and offers on ticket prices, so this opportunity can be used.
  • Reservation of the place of residence before travel, because Dubai has become the tourist destination for most of the world’s celebrities, so it is advised to book the hotel unit a month before the date of travel.
  • Before taking any photos it is recommended to first make sure that photography is permitted in this place, especially the areas that include military or government buildings as well as airports, as well as not to take any pictures that show strangers.
  • Commitment to the traditions and customs of the local community, despite the fact that Dubai is not much different from the rest of the modern modern countries in all parts of the world, but it is always advisable to respect the traditions and customs of the people of the country, such as avoiding dressing indecently in public places, and not within the borders of the private beach or Tourist resort.
  • Navigating in Dubai by taxi, as it is characterized by a very low price compared to many countries in the world.
  • Shopping in Dubai is one of the most important reasons that many people travel to, because the most famous international brands are there, so it is advised not to waste too much in shopping.
  • As for restaurants in Dubai, it is easy to get restaurants that provide all kinds of eastern and western foods, Chinese, Javanese, Indian and other foods, but most of these restaurants are not original, most of them are new to the country, while Arab countries are the first restaurants in Dubai, but it is fun to try any of Delicious barbecue restaurants.
  • Although Dubai is known to be the first shopping country in the country, there are many activities that can be explored by adventure lovers such as safari and hot air balloon rides, as well as diving with dolphins, boat trips and others.

Travel Tips for Dubai on a Budget:

  • Dubai is full of hotels, from luxury hotels to regular hotels, so it is advisable to check through the hotel reservation sites and learn about the best offers at lower prices and compare them to choose the most appropriate.
  • It is recommended that public transportation be used in a taxi manner to save costs, as there are public buses, subways and water taxis in Dubai.
  • It is recommended to book special activities early on through any of the prominent travel activities sites, and search for exciting promotions to take advantage of any discounts.
  • It is easy to find large numbers of distinctive restaurants that offer food at reasonable prices.
  • Dubai is famous for being the shopping capital of the world as it has all the luxury brands, but it is possible to get an enjoyable shopping experience at reasonable prices, so it is advised to go to the local markets and the gold market.
  • Failure to obey all the new offers that are presented and avoid buying at random, as this will waste the budget.

Tips before traveling to Dubai during the summer:

  • Caring well with comfortable cotton clothes, preferably bright, long-sleeved loose-fitting clothes to beat warmer temperatures.
  • Going out early before seven in the morning in order to enjoy various outdoor activities, such as biking on motorways or driving on beach bike paths, or exercising in the open air.
  • Drink large quantities of water in order to keep the body hydrated, and to avoid the appearance of some mild diseases such as rash, sunburn or sunstroke.
  • Avoid eating foods that contain high calories, and it is advised to eat small meals regularly, in order to renew the energy of the body and enjoy vitality, while making sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Visit the water parks and spend a few hours in it, to enjoy a lot of ideal water activities.
  • Have a lukewarm bath in hot weather to regulate temperatures.
  • Take care to use sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays that cause rashes, skin irritation, wrinkles, premature aging and other skin conditions.

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