Travel trips with children are in no way similar to travel trips with friends or adult relatives. Children have their own needs, and unlike adults, children ’needs cannot be easily deferred or tolerated as they are many and varied, so expect that if you travel with children you will have to To do more than putting a CD containing a set of songs in the CD player or pausing during the travel journey to rest and enter the bathroom, therefore today we will review a set of important tips in the case of traveling with children:

No need to hurry:
Children love to explore and do not care much about a specific schedule or travel dates, so make sure to provide enough time for the children in your company so that they have the opportunity to monitor and explore the road and to stop for a break and enter the bathroom many times.

Book in advance:
Reserving in advance is absolutely necessary if you are traveling with a child, so make sure to book the hotel and travel tickets well before traveling, leave spontaneity for the time before having children, you do not want to sit long hours at the airport with a tired child and feel bored waiting to find On a vacant place on one of the flights or arrive at your travel destination to find that there is no vacancy in the hotel and that you are forced to accompany the children with you on a trip to search for a place to stay.

Bring a camera for children:
Make sure to give your children a small and easy-to-use camera while traveling so that they arouse their interest in the travel trip and encourage them to document their trip and explore what is around them and who knows you may discover in the end that your children have already taken great pictures during the trip.

Be prepared for the climate:
Following up the weather forecast will help you a lot in choosing the appropriate clothes to pack it for the children when traveling and the clothes that the children will wear while traveling. Also, be sure to pack the appropriate clothes for the climate at your destination, if you do so you will avoid many problems in the future.

The plane or the train?
Traveling using the train is a very enjoyable experience, especially for children. Therefore, try to travel using the train if you have a space of time that allows for long travel trips. Either if you carry many bags or your children are of the type of movement and often fall into the same problems, then travel using the plane will be The best choice for you.

Make sure to keep kids busy:
Make sure to carry with you favorite toys and books for children while traveling, especially on long travel trips, and you can also use children’s apps that contain many fun electronic games that will ensure children have a good time while traveling.

Use a special device to find the whereabouts of children:
Children are very mobile and hate everything that restricts their freedom, so that you do not spend the most time on a travel man searching for your children. Try to buy a child locator, which is a small device that is installed on the child’s bag, belt, or clothing, and through it you can locate the child throughout Time.

Don’t forget the medicine and first aid kit:
A first aid kit is absolutely necessary to deal with minor and repeated accidents for children from falling on the ground and scratching and wounding, also make sure to carry in your bag essential medicines from analgesic drugs, an antibiotic, a treatment for cold and other medicines that your child with a condition needs so that you do not have to search About a place to buy the medicines you need.

Don’t let your kids pack their bags themselves:
And the reason? They will put the items they prefer and not the things they need while traveling, so be sure to pack your child’s bags on your own so that you do not discover while traveling that their bag is full of toys and not clothes and other necessary purposes.

Avoid candy:
Make sure to give children healthy and nutritious foods while traveling and avoid giving them a lot of candy that will increase their activity and movement significantly, which may cause them to suffer from indigestion.

Don’t forget the identification cards:
Make sure to give all of your young children identification cards that include their full name and phone number to help you find the child if he gets lost.

Check your travel documents:
Make sure that the children’s travel documents are correct and do not expire to avoid legal problems later.

Don’t forget about disinfected towels and wipes:
Until you use it to sterilize hands and wipe the restaurant table before sitting on it and others, in order to avoid your child getting sick.

Try using your older children:
Make sure that you use your teenage child in organizing the travel trip in order to make him feel as part of the trip and avoid his angry and complacent reactions during the trip because teenagers usually do not like family or family activities.

Try to help your older children
Try to help your older children

Don't let your children pack their bags on their own

Don’t let your children pack their bags on their own

Don't forget about the tags
Don’t forget about the tags

No need to hurry
No need to hurry

Check your travel documents
Check your travel documents

The plane or the train?
The plane or the train?

Bring a camera for the kids
Bring a camera for the kids

Use a special device to find the whereabouts of children
Use a special device to find the whereabouts of children

Book in advance
Book in advance

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