Tips when visiting art museums

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Even if you are not an artist or a fan of painting, even if you do not know anything about the arts and cannot draw well, all this does not mean that you cannot appreciate or enjoy watching wonderful artworks, so you will find many people around the world enjoying visiting art museums. And wandering within it.

So that you can have a great time visiting a art museum, here are a handful of helpful tips:

Do not touch things around you:

The vast majority of paintings and art exhibits in museums are invaluable and may go back dozens of years, and holding them often causes severe damage to the painting, so even if you are looking forward to touching the dazzling artwork displayed in front of you, do not do so, and remember that you are in a place It contains many precious holdings that require careful handling.

Do not bring children:

The reason behind this is not only because children may distract you or cause your inconvenience while you walk around the museum or because they may find it difficult to follow the rules and may cause problems, the reason is that they will feel bored, art museums will not succeed in attracting the attention of young children, so There are other great museums dedicated to youngsters and you better accompany them to them instead of the adult art museums.

Leave the camera at home:

Because good art museums usually do not allow photographing inside, as it is better to focus on wandering inside the museum and see artistic exhibits in front of you rather than trying to take pictures of them, and in any case it is very difficult to take a good picture that shows the beauty of the artwork so it is better Focus on spending a great time and keeping in mind the beautiful exhibits you have seen in your imagination rather than taking pictures of them that are not good.

Don’t try to delve into too much detail:

Most people are afraid to visit art museums thinking that they are only intended for art experts, and when they finally decide to visit them, you find them extremely concerned throughout the period of the visit about their lack of understanding of the hidden meaning of the artwork that is presented to them, which leads them to more unnecessary depth in the details for fear From being superficial and not smart enough to appreciate the arts, here’s the best way to overcome this problem: keep in mind that there are no hidden meanings of what you see in front of you, appreciation of beauty and the arts does not need experts, when you look at a famous painting like the Mona Lisa look at it on What is it without complication a Here simply painted a picture of a woman brilliantly.

Do not try to see everything:

Even if you wander through each section of the museum, you will not really see everything in the museum in just one visit, so do not feel nervous if you cannot see everything inside the museum and do not rush to move from one place to another quickly in order to finish watching everything.

It is okay for you to have your own opinion:

There is no problem if you like works inside the museum and you do not like other works. Some people do not like modern art. There is nothing wrong with that. This opinion does not make you less intelligent or appreciative of the arts than others and does not carry some meaning and therefore you do not have to worry about this.

Seek evidence:

If the museum organizes guided tours inside it is better to participate in it, this type of tour will help you see the most important things in the museum in record time and will make you know more information and interesting stories about the exhibits and artists who have artworks.

Tips when visiting art museums - Tips when visiting art museums
Don’t try to go into too much detail in the museum

Tips when visiting art museums - Tips when visiting art museums
Do not touch objects in the museum

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Do not bring children to the Museum of Art

1581287013 137 Tips when visiting art museums - Tips when visiting art museums
Leave the camera at home when you visit the art museum


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