JBR Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Dubai, it is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and is an important popular and tourist destination for everyone to get the maximum amount of entertainment and enjoyment, so you should enjoy visiting this wonderful beach when traveling to Dubai
The JBR Beach in Dubai includes many wonderful facilities of fun water games, and it also provides a set of gift stalls selling clothes, and is considered one of the best tourist places in Dubai.

The best activities at the JBR Beach Dubai

• Walk along the JBR Beach Dubai, one of the most beautiful times you can spend during your visit, you will enjoy crystal clear water, and soft white sand, as you can do many fun activities in this distinguished beach.

JBR beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Dubai

• Multiple and distinctive water games, where the JBR Beach in Dubai includes a game area with the heart of the water, as well as the Sea Breeze that rises and then returns you to the water again on an adventure like no other.
JBR Beach Dubai

• Sky Dive is an exciting experience on the JBR beach when you rush very quickly from the ground to the sky in breathtaking moments. You will also find on this rich beach of volleyball beach volleyball, in addition to tennis.

Dubai's JBR Beach

• Outdoor fitness hall is a unique opportunity offered by the JBR Beach Dubai, for the first time that you can combine playing sports with enjoying direct views of one of the most wonderful beaches in Dubai.

JBR Beach in Dubai

• Bigger screen display, you will have a great time when you watch a cinema at the high-tech Dubai beach in Dubai, with a distinctive seating area, providing visitors with more comfort and enjoyment.

JBR Beach, Dubai

• A wonderful children’s play area on the beach, JBR, this region is fully insured for the safety of children, to enjoy a time of joy and happiness.

JBR Beach in Dubai

• What a pleasure when riding camels, which is one of the most important activities that you can do while you are on the beach of JBR.

JBR beach in Dubai

• Have a light and delicious snack from these carts spread along the JBR beach, which provides high quality and high-end services to visitors, as there are carts for fresh juices, ice cream and many others.

JBR beach inside Dubai

• Don’t forget to buy the distinctive souvenirs that bear the imprint of this wonderful city from the stalls located on the beach, JBR, as well as the stalls of clothes and shoes, you will find a wonderful diversity satisfies all tastes.

JBR beach in Dubai

• Time to enjoy the waters of the Gulf, do not miss a distinctive water tour by riding the yachts, equipped, or swimming and diving, the beach of JBR, which includes all aspects of beauty and recreation.

JBR beach in the heart of Dubai

The best hotels on the JBR beach

Roda Amwaj Suites Jumeirah Beach Residence, one of the best hotels in Dubai, is located on the JBR Beach.
Summary of reviews of some Arab visitors
The hotel rated excellent for the location, and very good ratings for comfort, cleanliness, staff, and amenities.

Hotel reservation

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai is one of the best JBR hotels located on the JBR beach.
Summary of reviews of some Arab visitors
The hotel received excellent reviews on site, and great reviews on staff, facilities, comfort, and hygiene.

Hotel reservation

GBR Beach site in Dubai

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