The Mountains of Sharia Blida is one of the most magnificent tourist places in Algeria and one of the most important tourist attractions in Blida, where the Sharia Mountains are located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, and it is replete with many animal species and multiple plant species.
In addition to the breathtaking beauty of these wonderful mountains, these mountains turn like a white pearl sparkling in the winter with their cold air, as well as many interesting tourism activities.

Blida Sharia Mountains

The most important things to do in Blida Sharia Mountains

Enjoy the sport of climbing the Sharia Mountains in Blida, to which many people from all over the world come.

Blida Mountains, Algeria

• Walk around and walk among the dense trees and green plants that dot the mountains of Sharia in Blida, and enjoy watching them.

Blida mountains in Algeria

• You can rent some motorbikes, enjoy their rides on the Sharia Mountains Road, and enjoy the natural scenery there.

Blida Sharia mountains Algeria

• Doing a number of competitions by bicycle in the Sharia mountains in Blida. You can also enjoy watching the waterfalls falling in the Sharia mountains.

Sharia Mountains Blida Algeria

• Enjoy the sport of ice skating in the Sharia Mountains during the winter when it snows and the mountains are covered in a bright white color.

Sharia Mountains Algeria

• Enjoy watching mineral water emerge from among the mountain rocks in a wonderful sight that you must be amazed.

Sharia Mountains

• Enjoy a cable car ride in the mountains of Sharia in Blida to see all the sights of the city from the top side.

Sharia Mountains in Algeria

• You can enjoy horse riding among the wonderful grassy plants surrounded by the Sharia Mountains from all directions in a charming view.

Algerian Blida Mountains

• After the end of your day full of adventures, you can eat meals and delicious cuisine in the restaurant famous in the mountains of Sharia in the city of Blida.

Blida Mountains

Best hotels near the Sharia mountains

Ville de Roses Hotel is one of the best hotels in Blida, near the Blessed Mountains of Sharia, with a distance of 24.5 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received satisfactory ratings on free internet, comfort, staff and location.
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Hammam Melouen Hotel is one of the best hotels in Algeria in Blida, 27.8 km away from the Sharia Mountains.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated good both for staff, comfort, location, and cleanliness.
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Sharia Mountains site

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