Kolomenskoe Park is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow, located a few minutes’ metro ride from the city center and overlooks the beautiful Moskva River that runs.
It is distinguished by the fact that it combines the past and the present .. the past in terms of the fragrant history and the old buildings attached to it, and the present in terms of vast green areas that send a feeling of comfort and departure and the stadiums and modern facilities. The park is one of the most famous tourist places in Moscow

Kolomenskoye park Moscow

This park was established in 1237, so it is considered one of the oldest shrines in Moscow and the whole of Russia. The golden color, and also the beautiful wooden palace with its colors.
During the summer, the Kolomenskoye park is filled with a large number of people looking for the sun when it meets the charming nature, yet there are still enough spaces for calm and isolation.

Kolomenskoye park in Moscow

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The best activities in the Kolomenskoye Moscow park

• The garden is a great place to entertain, spend a fun time with family, family and friends, where calm, fresh air and relaxation are under the huge green blooming trees that spread all over the place and the colorful floral shapes and their wonderful scents.

Kolomenskoye Moscow Park

• Movement and sport lovers, you can practice jogging and walking in green spaces between trees and flowers, as well as small streams inside it. The landscapes around you give strength to continue and activity in your favorite sport.

Kolomenskoye park is one of the best places to visit in Moscow

• In the garden there is a beautiful lawn football field, which you can spend times of competition and fun with friends.

Kolomenskoye park is one of the best tourist places in Moscow

• In addition to the beauty of nature in the park, it is a place that contains a number of beautiful archaeological and historical buildings that you can visit and learn about. There is also a historical museum near the park to the north of it, which will surely be a wonderful historical and cultural tour.

Kolomenskoye park is one of the best places of tourism in Russia, Moscow

• You can enjoy a wonderful tour on a cart pulled by Russian horses, as in earlier times you will love the tour and the beauty of the places around you, you can enjoy eating ice cream in it.

Kolomenskoye park is one of the most important tourist places in Moscow

• If you visit the place in the winter, you will love doing skiing on rafting, riding skis and taking an interesting fun tour with your friends.

Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow

• For children, there are safe and suitable places for their children to play in. They can spend the best moments and enjoy the fun and joy in the place without feeling anxious about them.

Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow

• Take part in a tour of one of the large boats in the Moskva River, which is overlooked by the park, during which you will get to know the city through the river’s path and you will love to take photos of you on the boat and the most important places that you will pass through.

Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow

• In addition, you can buy a cup of delicious fresh coffee or hot chocolate from one of the shops or cafes inside, or have lunch in the open air with your families. You will love watching the sunset and its reflection on the river amid the vast green areas.
• Do not forget to buy some souvenirs for friends and family from the stores inside the park, which spread along the path leading to it, such as stained Russian porcelain, beautiful music boxes and wood carvings of the most important tourist places in Moscow

The best hotels near Kolomenskoye park in Moscow

Flat-apartments Kolomenskoye is 0.9 km from Moscow Kolomenskoye Park
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Intourist Kolomenskoye Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Moscow, 2.4 km from Kolomenskoye Moscow Park
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Moscow Kolomenskoy park site

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