The Sapphire Mall Istanbul is one of the most stunning skyscrapers in Istanbul and may be the tallest ever, as the tower reaches about 236 meters above the ground level and is one of the first environmentally friendly buildings in Turkey as a whole, so the tower is important to tourism in Turkey
The tower contains a group of wonderful class gardens, which are repeated every three floors and consist of a group of varied plants, which give the tower a natural touch with a fairy beauty.
The most wonderful thing in the Safir Tower is that it has a system dedicated to absorbing sunlight and controlling it according to the minute, hour and even season, whether it is summer or winter, which makes it one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Istanbul.
The most important characteristic of the magnificent Al Safeer Tower is that it is one of the Istanbul complexes that brings together entertainment and shopping workers, as it includes a group of wonderful stores and shops along with entertainment areas for adults and children, and it is also one of the Istanbul malls that a large number of visitors visit periodically.

The best activities you can do in the Ambassador Tower Istanbul

• Enjoy watching the beauty of Istanbul from above, where Al Safeer Mall has a control platform at the highest point in all parts of Istanbul, giving you a stunning panoramic view.

Istanbul Ambassador Tower

• Al Safeer Tower contains a lot of various stores, in which you will find everything that comes to mind from international brands and souvenirs, as well as the latest fashion clothes and others, in addition to children’s toys, which makes you embark on a very exciting shopping trip.

Visit the Ambassador Tower Istanbul

• As for the beauty of restaurants and cafes in the Safir Tower in Istanbul, there was no embarrassment, as those restaurants and cafes are dedicated to providing various forms of delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine and other world famous kitchens and do not forget the delicious Turkish coffee cup.

Visit the Ambassador Tower in Istanbul

• Has the experience of jumping parachute from the highest point in Istanbul gone? If the answer is no, do not miss the pleasure of parachute jumping from the top of the Ambassador Mall Istanbul. If the answer is yes, then you must repeat the experience, but you must know that there are special conditions that you must meet before.

Ambassador Tower in Istanbul

• Al Safeer Tower also provides helicopter trips, as it is keen on entertaining its visitors, as it sees the view of Istanbul and its magnificent attractions from above.

Skyscraper, Safeer Istanbul Tower

• The Safir Tower in Istanbul is not without the usual entertainment facilities, as the tower contains cinemas that offer the best films from local and international cinema.

Ambassador Tower in Istanbul

• Enjoy visiting the Balmumu Wax Museum, which is located inside the Safir Tower, and you will find exhibits of great beauty, and there are many human figures of up to 60 world famous personalities. The museum consists of 3 halls for figures from Ottoman and French history and bands.

Wax Museum, Ambassador Tower Istanbul

• Never miss the fun of making a wax stereo for your hand or leg while keeping it as a memory to visit that wonderful place. You can also try wearing traditional Ottoman clothes provided to you by the Balmumu Wax Museum while taking lots of great souvenir photos that will never be remembered.

• In the event that you are a fan of team sports with friends and family, the Ambassador Tower was keen to provide a lot of games halls, including the bowling alley.

• If you are on vacation with your children, make sure that visiting the Ambassador Tower of Turkey will not make them bored, as Ambassador Mall also provides a comprehensive theme park for all the fun children’s games.

Istanbul Ambassador Tower

• After completing your enjoyable tour at Al Safeer Mall, you can complete shopping in one of the malls near the tower, such as the famous City Mall Istanbul, and Canyon Mall Istanbul. You can also tour the Levent Istanbul area and visit its important landmarks such as the Levent Mall Istanbul or sit down to eat in its restaurants Famous.


Safir Mall Istanbul is open for visiting from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

Best hotels near ambassador tower

Belek Istanbul Hotel is one of the finest 4-star Istanbul hotels located near the Safir Mall of Istanbul, where the hotel is located only 600 meters from the tower, which is two minutes.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Belek Hotel Istanbul has received very good reviews for the comfort, value for money, staff performance, facilities and location.
Some visitors complained about the lack of variety of breakfast and the presence of some unpleasant smells in the rooms and hallways.

Movenpick Hotel Levent Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Levent Istanbul, 200 meters from the mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Most of the hotel visitors gave a very good evaluation of the services and food and the location near the markets, the hotel’s distance from Sultan Ahmed may be a negative point
Hotel reservation

Where is the Ambassador Mall located in Istanbul?

The following map shows you exactly the location of the Ambassador Tower in Istanbul:

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