The Carpet Museum Baku is one of the most important tourist destinations in Baku, as it is considered one of the first carpet museums that were established in the State of Azerbaijan. It was established in 1967 AD and after that the museums with the same thought and direction rolled.
The museum is distinguished by its distinctive geometric shape in the form of huge folded carpets, and many foreign arrivals are attracted to it so that they can enjoy watching the ingenuity of the design in this wonderful style.

The best things to do in the Carpet Museum

• The museum contains many types of carpets dating from many centuries, starting from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century, and next to each rug there are many interpretations in English about what each rug is.

Baku Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

• The Carpet Museum displays a variety of embroidered and patriotic clothes that women wore in ancient times in the Azerbaijani state.

Baku Carpet Museum

• The Carpet Museum has many ancient utensils that people used in their daily lives, and next to each one has a detailed message about their use.

Baku Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

• The Baku Carpet Museum includes a place dedicated to displaying books specialized in carpet art. There are also some tables on which a group of avatar swans are standing in a wonderful view.

Baku Carpet Museum

• The museum displays many of the various handicraft industries in Azerbaijan that people used to work in in the Azerbaijan state.

The Baku Carpet Museum

• The Carpet Museum has a set of bags used to collect luggage when traveling, as it is distinguished by its dazzling, handcrafted patterns.

Baku Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

• You can enjoy seeing some statues of horse statues in fine style, covered with some handcrafted fabrics and literally intertwined colors.

Baku Carpet Museum

• The museum includes a large hall containing a large collection of carpets painted on some old houses, and some lights are reflected on them, making them appear to be illuminated in an exciting scene.

Baku Carpet Museum

• The Museum of Carpets enables children to wear some Azerbaijani clothing and around them a group of objects that were used in ancient times and take memorial photos next to them.

Baku Carpet Museum

• The museum features a sophisticated cafeteria outside so that visitors can rest and sip some delicious drinks.

Baku Carpet Museum

times of work

The museum operates all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM.
Two hours are added on Saturday and Sunday.
Closed on Mondays.

Hotels near Baku Carpet Museum

Four Seasons Hotel Baku is one of the best 5-star Azerbaijan hotels in Baku. The hotel is close to the Baku Carpet Museum, located 500 meters away.
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Intourist Baku Collection is one of the best 5-star Baku hotels, 900 meters from the Carpet Museum.
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Site of the Carpet Museum on the map

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