The Snow Museum in Istanbul (in Turkish: Buz Müzesi) is one of the best modern and unique museums in Istanbul. The tourist city is classified as one of the places recommended to visit in Istanbul in the winter and one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey.
The entertainment family museum of 2010 was established as part of the Istanbul Forum Mall design on an area of ​​1400 square meters at a cost of up to $ 20 million.
The museum, which is classified as one of the main attractions during tourism in Istanbul, includes a group of halls where the temperature reaches 5 degrees below zero, so thick clothes are provided for the place when entering to protect from cold. The museum is one of the most beautiful tourist places for children in Istanbul
To find out the most important activities that can be done in the Istanbul Snow Museum and the best Istanbul hotels near it, you can follow the article.

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The best things to do in Istanbul Snow Museum

• At the beginning of your entry to the Snow City in Istanbul, be sure to wear the dedicated suit of the museum, or as it is called “Eskimo”, in order to protect your body from the coldness of the place because the temperature there is only 5 degrees Celsius.

Snow theme park in Istanbul

• Enjoy watching the museum walls and corridors, all of which were imported in tons of tons of Sweden, where you find the magnificence of the design that a number of sculptors from Sweden have created the design of the Snow Museum in Istanbul.

• Start by exploring the Vikings section that explains the most important information about the Snow Museum in Istanbul by writing amazing snow on beauty.

Magic Ice Museum in Istanbul

Slowly, move from one section to another to savor the beauty of sculpted performances and get to know the Scandinavian nature.

• Tired of walking and wanting to take a break, then have a cup of fresh fruit juice served by the Snow Museum for its visitors.

Istanbul Snow Museum

• Resume your journey and witness the creativity of snow boats that include snowy figures that match the beauty of the best amazing archaeological sculptures.

Istanbul Snow Museum

• The Snow Museum in Istanbul holds many water and entertainment shows for the welfare of its visitors.

• Don’t forget to buy a souvenir gift and enjoy shopping from Istanbul Forum, which is located in the middle of the Snow Museum.

Snow Museum in Istanbul

• Record your enjoyable moments with your children or friends and keep memorial photos as a memory of that wonderful place until you remember it forever.

• It can also make your visit to the snow amusement park in Istanbul the entertainment part during your wonderful shopping tour in the Istanbul Mall, the largest and most famous mall in Istanbul.

• Of course you will not forget to get photographs inside the museum, but you will not take them yourself as there are professional photographers to take pictures of you and preserve the place.

Snow Museum in Istanbul

• After completing wandering in the corners of the Snow Museum, you can head to one of the other Istanbul landmarks near the museum, such as the Eyup Sultan Mosque or the wonderful Pierre Loti Hill.

The dates of the Snow Museum in Istanbul

The Magic Snow Museum in Istanbul opens its doors to visit only once every three months in order to avoid the thawing of the museum’s exhibits.
Business hours start from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

Entry prices

The cost of entry to the snow city in Istanbul is 20 pounds for adults and 15 pounds for children.

The best hotels near the snow city in Istanbul

Titanic Business Hotel Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Istanbul for 5-star families, located near the Istanbul Snow Museum, where the hotel is located only 1.5 kilometers, which is 8 minutes.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Titanic Business Istanbul hotel reviews were very good in terms of staff cooperation, hygiene, comfort, location, value for money and amenities.
There are some comments within the hotel’s distance from Istanbul’s sights.

Golden Tulip Istanbul Perm Pasa Hotel is one of the best 5-star Istanbul hotels and it is one of the closest hotels to Istanbul Snow Museum, as it is only 1.5 km from the hotel.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received positive reviews and very good ratings in the facilities, location, cleanliness, comfort, facilities, staff performance, and value for money.
From the viewpoint of some visitors, the Golden Tulip Istanbul Perm Pasa hotel is limited to its location.

The site of the Snow Museum in Istanbul

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