Tea plantations in Rize is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Risa, where the tea trees are characterized by a bright green color, as it is one of the most important areas that produce tea.
And Turkey relies on it for the consumption and export of all types of tea, and is characterized by its location near the center of Risa about 1 km, and attracts many tourists from all countries of the world to enjoy the smart scents of flowers and trees, which made it one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey.

The well-known tea plantation in Risa

Things to do on tea plantations in Risa

• Walk around and walk the lanes of the tea plantations and enjoy the clarity of the flowers and flowers and views of the tea trees lying beside each other in a wonderful picture.

The charming tea plantation in Risa

• Enjoy buying all kinds of tea from the store located in the tea plantations in Risa, which is characterized by the sale of the finest and rarest types of tea.

Tea plantation shop in Risa
• You can sip any tea you like at the cafes on Risa’s tea plantations in a pure and calm atmosphere, away from the noise of other cities.

Tea plantation in Risa Turkey
• There is a children’s play area for enjoying a special time on the tea plantations in Risa, amidst a group of palms and trees.

Kids games on tea plantations in Risa
• Tea plantations are characterized by the presence of some restaurants spread in them, which are characterized by offering light snacks and delicious drinks.

Tea plantations in the charming Risa
• Enjoy watching the harvesting and harvesting of green tea trees by workers working with this interesting craft.

Beautiful tea plantation in Risa
• You can sit under the sun umbrellas to enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the mountain, in front of you the sea, and many tea trees around you.

Wonderful tea plantations in Risa
• Take lots of souvenir photos among tea trees as if they were painted in bright green.

Turkey's tea plantations
• You can enter the exclusive exhibition that tells the history of the tea plantations in Risa and the multiple types of tea and information related to the cultivation of tea.

Tea plantation in Turkey
• Enjoy sightseeing near Risa tea plantations with a close-up camera.

The famous tea plantation in Risa

times of work

All days of the week except Sunday from 9:00 AM to 23:00 PM.

Hotels near Risa Tea Grounds

Hotel Kielce is one of the best hotels in Risa, which is close to tea plantations in Risa, about 1.2 km away.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, comfort, free Wi-Fi, and excellent staff reviews.
Hotel reservation
The CMR Aydogan Hotel, which is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in Turkey, in Risa, about 1.4 km away from the tea plantations of Priza.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Arab visitors give the hotel good ratings for services, staff, facilities, location.
Hotel reservation

The location of tea plantations on the map

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