Floria Istanbul is one of the best tourist destinations in Turkey for those with medium and limited budgets, as it is one of the few parks in Istanbul that is entered for free without any fees. Floria Park is located in the Florya region, west of Istanbul, on the road to the airport, and provides vast green areas that send Quiet and relaxing, with a children’s amusement area and many amenities.
To find out the most important activities that can be done inside the Floria Park in Istanbul, one of the most important parks in Istanbul, as well as the nearby Istanbul hotels, follow the following article.

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The most important activities that you can take when visiting the Floria Istanbul Park

• Floria Istanbul Gardens located in the Florya Istanbul region enjoy the elegance and sophistication of their designs, so many weddings and meetings are held in a wonderful atmosphere among the living flowers on each side and you may be lucky to attend one of the happy occasions.

Floria Istanbul Park

• The park is characterized by the wonderful location on the beach of Floria, which made it an ideal destination and an important destination for visitors who love landscapes, where the magnificent painting in which the natural beauty merges with fragrant flowers, the magic of pure seawater and the sound of waves.

Dates of Istanbul Floria Park

• The park did not forget a member of the family, especially the young ones. The children ’luck was abundant, with the Floria Istanbul Park allocating several places dedicated to recreational games and free, safe, fun and child-friendly sports.

Floria Istanbul Park

• Along with the possibility of taking your children on a practical, educational, fun tour for young and old to know exclusive information about the life cycle and development of plants.

Floria Istanbul Park

• You can stroll and stroll amongst the wide green spaces, then rest by sitting on one of the benches for relaxing, meditating, and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Floria Istanbul Park

• You can take your family to enjoy a delicious lunch of seafood or grilled steaks next to it, appetizers and salads in authentic Turkish style prepared by the local chefs of Floria restaurant which is famous for the garden.

Floria Park in Istanbul

• The Floria Garden includes indoor family sessions with refined decorations and flowers decorated to suit the place with charming views of the beach and the garden.

Floria Istanbul Park

• The garden includes different and rare types of flowers, plants, and trees. Perhaps among them is the beautiful tulip flower that covers most of the garden and smells fragrant fragrant, it meets near birds singing with voices caressing the heart and hearing.

Floria Istanbul Park

• Do not forget to pass near the lake inside Florya Park and enjoy seeing the different types of ducks swimming in beautiful rows, in addition to enjoying the view of the waterfall, the view is interesting to take some memorial photos for moments seldom repeated.

Floria Istanbul Park

• The garden also took care of the level of services through the availability of several places for events, bathrooms, mosque and wedding hall.

Floria Park

• After spending a fun time in the bosom of charming nature, you can have fun and experience playing in the city of electric games located in the park, which includes a wide range of recreational games, suitable for adults and children.

Floria Istanbul Park

• After completing a busy day in the park, you can head to Floria Beach to enjoy moments of calm and relaxation. You can also visit the Istanbul Aquarium near the park, especially if you are accompanied by your children, or visit the famous Aqua Floria and enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, and you can also visit the Aviation Museum Wonderful Istanbul.

• As the Floria Park is surrounded by a number of famous restaurants in Istanbul, you can pass through one of these restaurants to enjoy the experience of wonderful Turkish food, from these restaurants Chazli Istanbul Restaurant, Betty Istanbul Restaurant

times of work

Floria Park opens its doors to visitors all days of the week from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the morning, but times may vary on holidays and events.

Istanbul Floria Park Hotels – Istanbul

Florya Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels in Florya Istanbul area, about 1 km from Florya Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated very good both for the location, the staff, the value for money and the cleanliness.
Some guests complained about the cleanliness of some rooms, and others complained about the lack of variety in breakfast.

Hotel reservation

Crowne Plaza Florya is one of the best hotels in Istanbul overlooking the sea, away from Florya Park in Istanbul, about 1 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Crowne Plaza Flora Istanbul received a very good evaluation from all its Arab visitors especially in terms of cleanliness, location, services, and staff.

Floria Turkey Istanbul website

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