Kairouan neighborhood is one of the most popular neighborhoods in north of Riyadh, promising where it is considered a Mecca for Arab and foreign investors and high-end villas are stacked in it in addition to Riyadh chalets, as it was newly built, so you will soon find everything you want during your stay in Riyadh.

One of the most important features of Kairouan, without other neighborhoods in Riyadh, is its strategic location near King Khalid International Airport, as well as other tourism attractions in Riyadh.

The best chalets in Kairouan neighborhood

One of the best options for staying in Kairouan are the chalets in the Kairouan neighborhood, Riyadh, which are modern in design and exquisite in decor, which makes some people prefer them without the rest of the hotels in Riyadh and even other Saudi hotels in general.

Find in this article the best chalets of Kairouan and those near it according to the assessments of hundreds of visitors to it.

Arab chalets Riyadh

Arab Resort contains a group of chalets with wonderful blue decoration that make you feel as if you are in the depths of the ocean, which makes visitors prefer it without the rest of the chalets of Kairouan neighborhood.

Each Arab chalet chalet includes a private garden
With BBQ facilities, an indoor pool, free parking and there are also games rooms.

Arabs Riyadh is one of the chalets in Kairouan, 27.1 km from King Khalid International Airport, while the Kairouan region is 7 km from the chalets and Riyadh Park is 17.3 km from them.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Best Arab chalets, Kairouan chalets, received good chalets in both:

Convenience, amenities, strategic location as well as value for money.

There are a lot of complaints about the cleanliness of the swimming pools.

Hotel reservation
The best options for accommodation in Kairouan are the Kairouan neighborhood chalets

Riyadh chalets

Riyadh chalets that are
Ideal for anyone who wants to stay in a quiet area, offering him complete privacy and elegant decor
Air-conditioned rooms and an ideal location are among the most famous chalets in Kairouan, Riyadh.

Each chalet owns
Riyadh Chalets have an outdoor pool, free parking and service
Free internet and grocery delivery.

King Khalid International Airport is 25.4 km away from the chalet
1 km, while Kairouan is 10.1 km and Riyadh Gallery Mall is 14.7 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Riyadh won the best chalet in Kairouan for the admiration of its visitors, and gave it positive positive reviews in terms of value for money, availability of comfort and tranquility, and amenities.

Some visitors complained about the lack of hygiene in the pools.

Hotel reservation
Kairouan chalets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live in a quiet area that offers them complete privacy

Destination Chalets

Al Maksad Chalets provides the best neighborhood neighborhood villas in Kairouan, which are the ideal choice for large families and groups. The least Chalet of Al Maksad chalets can accommodate more than 7 individuals.

Chalets include soundproofed rooms
Air-conditioned, private pool connected to a spacious garden surrounds the chalet with a sun terrace and barbecue facilities
It is the best Chalet in Kairouan, Riyadh, for a pleasant vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city
Everyday life.

Marina is far away
Riyadh Mall is 22.9 km from the chalet, while the Kairouan area is 5.8 km from the chalet, while King Khalid Airport
The international is 29.5 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The best Kairouan chalet received a good evaluation regarding the location, value for money, diversity of facilities, staff handling, as well as hygiene and comfort.

There are notes on the pool.

Hotel reservation
Find out about the best Kairouan chalet in Riyadh for the year 2020

Why is the Kairouan region the best choice for many?

Staying in Kairouan chalets, Riyadh offers many advantages, the most important of which are:
Proximity to King Khalid International Airport
Proximity to malls, stores, and restaurants
Easily get to other city attractions

What is the best Chalet Kairouan?

You can choose from a group of the best chalets in the neighborhood of Kairouan, Riyadh, which we gathered in this article based on real assessments from Arab visitors .. Read more

What is the best chalet in Kairouan for families in Kairouan?

Al Maqsd Chalets is suitable for families as it provides a kids club, one bedroom chalet

How much does it cost to stay in Kairouan neighborhood chalet for one night?

The cost of staying in one of the Kairouan chalets in Riyadh ranges between 480 dollars and 506 dollars, and the price varies according to the period of the year, the size of the room, and its advantages

What are the best chalets in Kairouan Riyadh near the airport?

Riyadh chalets and Arab chalets in Riyadh are among the best Kairouan chalets in Riyadh near the airport

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