Penang Botanic Gardens are located in Penang Island, within the state of Malaysia, which is about 5 km from downtown Penang, which you can reach within 16 minutes by car.
The garden is known as the Waterfalls Garden because of the large number of waterfalls inside it, it was opened in the world of 1884 AD and to this day it has been largely developed in terms of plants and gardening in the gardens.
The park is one of the important tourist attractions in Malaysia, because it includes places for sitting and picnicking, in addition to the plants found in the Amazon region and various animals, as it is a natural reserve
The park contains a large group of paths that take you around to enable you to see monkeys and squirrels as well as large types of trees and various plants.

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Activities you can do

• In the beginning, you can watch the species of monkeys close-up that no place provides for you, and it is preferable not to feed the monkeys for fear of harm

Penang Botanic Gardens

• As for waterfalls, you should devote a portion of your wandering in order to stand in front of them for moments and contemplate this wonderful sight that will take you to places beyond imagination

Penang Botanic Gardens

• During your picnic in the garden you will see many exotic and wonderful plants, which are rare in normal places, in addition to some that are found only in the Amazon

Penang Botanic Gardens

Finally, enjoy watching many varieties of butterflies spread in many areas of the gardens

Penang Botanic Gardens

Entry prices



Daily from 5 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

Penang Botanical Gardens Hotels – Penang

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The 5-star Gurnee Hotel, from Penang, has a great rating and is just an 18-minute drive from Botanical Gardens in Penang.
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The location of the Botanical Gardens in Penang

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