Fujairah Fort is located on a high hill in the old area of ​​Fujairah, which is about 3 km from the seashore while you can reach it from the city center within 12 minutes by car.
Fujairah Castle dates back to 1500-1550 AD, and is characterized by its beautiful engineering beauty, as it was built from local materials such as clay and stone in addition to gravel.
The castle consists of three towers with a circular shape, while the fourth has a slightly rectangular shape somewhat, and it has two floors where there is a large entrance, room, hall and stairway in the first floor that contains a council hall and some balconies, and thus is an important milestone in Fujairah’s tourism.

Fujairah Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions in Fujairah

Activities you can do

• Before entering the Fujairah Fort, you can enjoy looking at it from the outside because of its wonderful architectural view, and watching its walls, which is enough to make you imagine some of its ancient history.

Fujairah Fort

• When you enter the Fujairah Fort through a corridor, you will see the large hall, which is adjacent to it by a slightly large room, and then you see a staircase that will take you to the other floor.

Fujairah Fort

• When you reach the second floor, you can stop for a moment to see the charming view through the balconies overlooking the breathtaking hill, which was used by soldiers to defend their city, and then there is a ladder to the roof of the castle.

Fujairah Fort

• Finally, you are lucky that you can attend some activities that are sometimes held in front of the castle in Fujairah, which reflects the Emirati heritage and the activities practiced by the residents of the Emirates city.

Fujairah Fort


Every day from nine in the morning until twelve noon.
From five to seven in the evening.

Hotels near Fujairah Fort

Nour Arjaan by Rotana is a 4-star hotel in the Emirates, which is about 8 minutes’ drive from Fujairah Castle.
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It rated very well for staff, elegance and location.
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Siji Hotel Apartments is a five-star hotel in Fujairah, 10 minutes’ drive from the castle.
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Very well rated in terms of cleanliness and location.
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Fujairah Fort site

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