The Mount Kartepe Sapanca is one of the most important and beautiful tourist places in Sapanca. Thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world come to it throughout the course of science. What distinguishes Mount Kartepa is the charming cable car that runs from the top of Mount Kartbeh to the bottom of the mountain to form the most magnificent landscape in its best forms.
Mount Carthea in Sapanca

Top 4 things to do in Kartepe sapanca

• Experience a wonderful and unique adventure in mountain peak climbing on foot and see magical views of Sapanca Mountain.
• You can visit the wonderful snow resort on the cable car of the Kartepe Spanga and have an irreplaceable opportunity to play some snow games and skiing where all kinds of equipment necessary for snow sports enthusiasts are available.

Tourism in Sapanca - Mount Kartepe Turkey

• You can enter one of the resort’s distinctive restaurants and take a rest and eat one of some hot drinks that gives you a feeling of warmth when eating it. You can also eat delicious dishes and Turkish cuisine as the best chefs in the world supervise the resort’s snowy restaurants.
• You can explore the green forests of Sapanca, which are characterized by their intensity and diversity of trees and plants, in addition to the presence of many lakes near them, such as Sapanca Lake, which is known to have fresh, clear water.
It is also considered one of the largest lakes near Mount Cartepe Sapanca. Do not forget to take the most beautiful memorial pictures, as there is the most beautiful natural painting between mountains and wonderful hills.

Times to visit Kartbe Mountain

Everyday from 8 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening.

Hotels near Mount Cartepe Sapanca

Carte Park Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Sapanca, about 10 minutes’ walk from Mount Cartepe in Sapanca
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
It offers great views, clean, elegant and air-conditioned rooms, and the price is very reasonable.

Hotel reservation

Lali Boutique Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Sapanca, 7 minutes from Mount Cartepe in Sapanca.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Charming view of Sapanca lake, garden and Mount Cartepe, good services but rooms are a little small

Hotel reservation

The location of Mount Cartepe in Sapanca on the map

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