Rosenberg Castle is a tourist attraction in Zell am See which attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world due to its unique construction model.
The castle was built by two brothers who were two merchants, Karl and Hansrozenburg, in 1583 and throughout the history the castle was a private residence that was later used as a school until it became a headquarters for the City Council in 1970 and has remained so until now.
Rosenborg Zell am See Castle
Rosenborg Castle is distinguished by its old buildings, which includes four floors with four towers. The castle is one of the most beautiful monuments in Zell am See and is one of the tourist places in Austria

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The best activities in Rosenborg Zell am See

Walk around Castle Rosenburg, learn about its features and the splendor of its unique architecture from the outside, represented by its four towers, get to know each of its sections and its contents, and reflect on the flowers of its wonderful garden.
Rosenborg Castle in Zell am See, Austria

Rosenborg Castle is located in the old quarter of Zell am See, so you can spend some time in the neighborhood, which is one of the most important landmarks of Zell am See, to get to know the city’s landmarks and its ancient history.

Rosenborg Castle is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Zell am See

You can also visit the Stadt Museum near the castle to see the most important artifacts that describe the development of the city of Zell am See from ancient history to the present era.

Rosenborg Castle is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Zell am See

• Near the castle there are many distinguished cafes and restaurants. You can take a break and have lunch or a hot drink while you are contemplating the beauty of the old neighborhood.

Rosenborg Castle is one of Austria's most famous tourist attractions. Zell am See

Rosenberg Zell am See Castle Hotels – Zell am See

Zum Hirschen 4-star hotel in Zell am See is located in the old quarter, steps away from the Rothenburg Zell am See castle.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the hotel rated very good.
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The Steinerwirt boutique hotel 1493 of Austria’s best Zell am See hotels is located in the old quarter, a few steps from the Rosenborg Zell am See castle
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated good both in cleanliness and staff. Some visitors criticized the parking for a fee. There is no air conditioning in some rooms.
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The site of Rosenborg Zell am See

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