The city of Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, characterized by its tourist attractions and its ancient and historical buildings. It includes many places that contain charming landscapes surrounded by the Alps and are characterized by its mild atmosphere in summer. The city is not without distinct markets and beautiful restaurants.

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Salzburg hotels

The city of Salzburg includes a group of the finest hotels in Austria, and we have brought you on this tab the best hotels in Salzburg recommended and tried by Arab visitors .. Read more

Best hotels in Salzburg

The best shopping in Salzburg

In this article, we present to you the best and most famous markets of Salzburg, which provide visitors to this wonderful city an exciting shopping experience

Outlet Salzburg

Designer Outlet is considered one of the best and most famous shopping places in Salzburg, with discounts on all products that reach 70%.
The Olite Litte Salzburg includes more than 100 shops and more than 200 diverse brands including world famous brands in addition to restaurants and cafes.

Outlet Salzburg is one of the best markets in Salzburg Austria

Getreide Gas Street

Getreidegasse is one of the best shopping spots in Salzburg. It is located in the old town, and it features narrow and high houses that lining alongside each other and the shops that visitors can buy to buy elegant local products.
This street includes a large number of stores that sell jewelry and clothing with the latest fashions, antiques, leather, perfumes, accessories, and more.

Salzburg Markets

Linzer Alley

The Linzer market is one of the most popular market in Salzburg, which includes handicraft shops, old shops and restaurants, as it contains many old houses, some dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Shopping places in Salzburg

Green market

One of the most beautiful markets of Salzburg, a popular market that is held from Monday to Saturday in front of the university church, in which vegetables, fruits, all kinds of meat and pastries, and a wide variety of local products are sold, and there are also many stalls that provide fast food.

Places to shop in the Austrian city of Salzburg

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