Tourism in Indonesia attracts tourists from all over the world as it contains many scenic landscapes, and one of its most important features is Mount Puncak, which includes a lake famous for its beautiful beauty, namely Lake Lido.
Lido lake is located on the road to Sukabumi, about an hour and a quarter from Puncak Mountain, surrounded by green mountains to form a wonderful painting that combines the blue of the lake water and the green nature surrounding it.

Lake Lido Puncak Indonesia

Lake Lido Puncak is characterized by the beauty of its features and the romance of its atmosphere as the italyn Lido Lake, so it was named after its counterpart in Italy, where the two lakes are similar to their beauty and the splendor of nature that surrounds them.
The lake includes three places to dock boats and it also contains a high and distinct plateau as it is used in a special game to take off above it. The lake is also characterized by the presence of ponds and farms dedicated to raising fish in which you will find different types of fish.

Lake Lido is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Indonesia, Puncak

The lake is surrounded by many residential compounds, accommodations, and hotels that receive tourists who prefer to stay in the lake because of the long distance it takes to reach the lake.

Activities you can do

• Lido Puncak Lake contains many boats made of bamboo, you can take a tour around the lake through it and have a special lunch on the boat, but the prices of such trips are considered somewhat high.

Lake Lido in Puncak

• You can take a wonderful tour through the windsurfing, as there is a small airport to take off the gliders near the Lido Puncak Lake. You also have the possibility to ride the parachute from the high plateau, all under the supervision of a group of specialists to maintain the safety and security of visitors.
• There are several floating restaurants in the lake that offer delicious fish dishes. You can ride the boat and get off at one of the restaurants and eat a luxurious and fresh lunch there.

Lake Lido Puncak in Indonesia

• You can shop and buy whatever delicious tropical fruits for you, coconuts, etc., as many street vendors are located in the vicinity of Lake Lido.

Visit times

All days of the week from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm.

Ponchak Lake Hotels – Lake Lido

There are not many good hotels near the lake, so we recommend that you stay at one of the best Puncak hotels
Basyona Alam Resort and Spa is one of the best 4 star Indonesia hotels located in Puncak, about an hour’s drive from Lake Lido.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very great reviews in all respects.
Hotel reservation

Lake Lido site

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