Huay Keaw Waterfall is about 10 meters long but beautifully located a 21-minute drive from the center of Chiang Mai, you can easily reach it via the main road.
The Hawaiian Kaiyu Waterfall is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Families come here to enjoy peace, tranquility and scenic landscapes. It is a nice place to relax, picnics and spend the best family times.

The best activities in Huai Qiao Waterfall in Chiang Mai

Relax and lie on the rocks next to the waterfall, the course of the water and enjoy the warm sun and stunning views around you

Huai Caio Waterfall in Chiang Mai

• After entering the gate you will follow a short path about 500 meters leading to the waterfall and the course of the water, where a group of small ponds are formed between the large rocks suitable for swimming and lying next to it. To the right of the waterfall there is a place to climb up to get up.
• For photography enthusiasts, you can take the most beautiful photographs of nature, the waterfall, and the colorful butterflies, as well as a group of memorial photos for you and your loved ones.

Huai Kaew Waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand

• You can buy some snacks, drinks and beautiful souvenirs from the shops and vendors spread at the entrance, and you may be encouraged and eat traditional Taiwanese food.

Huai Qiao Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Chiang Mai

• During your visit to the waterfall site, you will pass by the wonderful Chiangmai Zoo, it is an 8-minute walk away, as well as a Buddhist temple and a flower garden.

Top hotels near Huai Caio Waterfall in Chiang Mai

The JetSleep Premium Hotel is the best 3-star hotel in Chiang Mai, 1.2 km from Huay Caio Waterfall in Chiang Mai.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the hotel rated good.
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Seremban Boutique Resort and Spa is one of the best 5-star Chiangmai resorts, one mile from the Huay Caio Waterfall in Chiang Mai.
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The hotel is rated great for the location, cleanliness, and staff.
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Huay Caio Waterfall in Chiang Mai

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