The arithmeum-museum-bonn is one of the leading museums in tourism in Germany. The four-storey arthmeum contains 1,200 artifacts and includes calculating machines from past civilizations, up to the modern computer chip.
Erythmium pays tribute to the rise and development of mechanical machines that existed before the technological age. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Bonn

The Arthmium Museum in Bonn is one of the most important museums in Germany

The most important activities that can be done within the Arthimium Museum in Bonn

• When you visit the Arthimium Museum on Sundays, you can attend guided tours and learn about the amazing things and monuments in this museum.

The Arthmium Museum is one of the best places of tourism in Germany, Bonn

• You can attend some exhibitions held during your visit, as this museum is not without continuous exhibitions that simulate the great scientific development over time.
• You can attend regular music concerts in the music hall.
• Various pictures of a wide range of mechanical computers can be taken.

The Arthmium Bonn Museum is one of the best places of tourism in Bonn, Germany

• Arthmium visitors are given an opportunity to learn how microprocessors work by designing their chips interactively.

The times to visit the Arthumium Museum Bonn

Hours of Operation: From Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Hotels near The Arthumium Museum Bonn

The 3-star Mercedes City Hotel is close to the Beethoven Museum in Bonn and the Sternstrauss street in Bonn, and is just a few steps on foot from the Arthmium Museum.
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The hotel is very well rated in terms of cleanliness, staff, location, and Wi-Fi.
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Hotel Stern Bonn is a 4-star hotel in Bonn. It is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the museum
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This hotel was rated very good in terms of location, staff and hygiene.
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The Arthmium Bonn site

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