Several kilometers from the heart of Bursa, in an area called Kestel, the Little Bursa Waterfall is located (in Turkish: Saitabat şelalesi)

It is an area surrounded by green lawns and oak trees from everywhere. Sounds of waterfalls roar throughout the area.

This area remained long underground and then appeared under the influence of rock erosion of the floods and turned into the wonderful waterfalls of Bursa

This region was discovered by refugees who came from Russia during the First World War, where they came to Bursa city in search of a safe haven.

Bursa small waterfall Saidabad

Activities you can do in the small Bursa waterfall

• You can visit honeybees on your way to the Saeedabad waterfall, where you will have the opportunity to try many types of honey such as chestnut honey and see beehives and how honey and pollen are extracted from them.

Learn about the natural honey apiaries on the path of the little Bursa waterfall, Saidabad

• You will have a pleasant tour of this place, especially when you are passing by the running water and you hear the sound of its trickling.

The place is also ideal for taking souvenir photos with natural scenes.

The Saidabad Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in the Stock Exchange of Turkey

• Available in the place barbeque places so you can make a barbecue party with friends and family, which is a really enjoyable experience that we recommend you do.

• There are many distinctive restaurants on site that offer delicious Turkish cuisine, especially fish and grills, and provide you with beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

Small Bursa Waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the Stock Exchange of Turkey

• If you want to spend more time in the village of Saidabad and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can go down in one of the holiday homes or farms and villas equipped for recreation that receive tourists.

Saeedabad village is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Bursa Turkey

The best Bursa hotels near the small Bursa waterfall

There are no good hotels near the waterfall, but we advise you to see Bursa hotels, which are approximately 45 minutes drive away from the waterfall.

Little Bursa waterfall site

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