Wat Chalong Temple is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Thailand, especially on the famous tourist island of Phuket. The importance of the temple is due to the fact that it is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world and the fact that it dates back to about a century, in addition to its unique engineering architecture that makes it a famous landmark frequented by tourists who want to learn about the culture and heritage of Thailand.

Wat Chalong Palace, Thailand

Things to do at Wat Chalong Temple

• You can wander around the temple to enjoy watching its unique engineering architecture and its bright color that give it more distinctiveness.

Wat Chalong Palace, Thailand

• You can also take a tour inside the temple where you will find some Buddhist worshipers performing their rituals, and you can also look at the broken bones that are said to be Buddha, and on the walls of the temple from the inside you will enjoy watching the paintings that tell the life story of Buddha and other stories of the Buddhist religion.

Wat Chalong Temple, Thailand

Do not forget to pass through the hall of the wax statues, which includes a number of wax statues of Buddhist symbols famous in real sizes such as Luang Poh Cham and Luang Poh Chuang. You can take a look at Luang Poh Cham’s walking stick, which Buddhists believe has special healing powers.

Wat Chalong Temple, Thailand

• You can also climb to the top of the three-story temple building to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful island of Phuket and its landmarks.

Wat Chalong Temple, Thailand

You cannot visit Wat Chalong Temple without going to the large market that borders the temple walls and which contains many of the most famous jewelry.

Wat Chalong Temple, Thailand

Visit times:

Everyday from seven in the morning until five in the evening.
Admission is free.

Hotels near Wat Chalong Temple

Villa Charmant, a 4-star Phuket Thailand hotel, is 4.4 km from Wat Chalong Temple.
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Karon Beach Walk, a 5-star Phuket hotel, is 4.3 km from Wat Chalong Temple.
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Wat Chalong Temple site

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