Canon Hill Park is located in the south of Birmingham, and it is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in Birmingham and the most popular park in the city, as many city residents and pioneers of tourism in England visit it.
The park was opened in 1873 with an estimated area of ​​80 acres of lush parks and 120 acres of green protected forests.

Canon Hill Park is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Birmingham, England

The most important activities that you can do in the garden

For golf lovers, there are many areas for golf in the park.
• You can also accompany your children, as there are two children’s playgrounds in the park.

Canon Hill Park is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Birmingham, England

• For tennis sports lovers, you can also play tennis in the park for free, as you are provided with all the equipment needed to play, and some lessons are also available for beginners.
• You can rent boats and enjoy the lake and scenic views, as it is only available in summer.

Canon Hill Park is one of the best parks in Birmingham, England

There are also dedicated sections of the lake to enjoy fishing, as all necessary equipment is also available there.

Visit times

The park is available for visiting all days of the week from 8:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening.
For more details about the park, you can visit its official website ..from here

Birmingham hotels near Cannon Hill Park

There are no good hotels close to walking from the park, but we advise you to stay in a hotel in Birmingham, and set aside a portion of your day to visit the park.

Canon Hill Park site

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