Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences is one of the most important tourist places in Jeddah, as it reflects modern concepts in our Arab societies that aim at education in very entertaining ways.
The recreational science park in Jeddah contains 6 different halls, including the human body hall, a special hall for water wonders, an air and flight hall, a hall for mathematics and physics, and a hall that includes future scientists.
Each of the halls contains scientifically modeled models to facilitate scientific information and it is worth noting that it contains rare information of its kind, which made it one of the most important cultural parks in Jeddah.

Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences, one of the most important places of tourism in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences is a popular destination for the local population, and no visitor has come to the city but visited it, as it is equipped with experience and self-exploration of sciences.

The best activities in the entertainment oasis of Jeddah

• You can enjoy seeing the world of dinosaurs located inside a hall in Jeddah Science Park, which is a complete environment designed from imagination very similar to the forest in which dinosaurs lived simulating reality in scientific ways studied so that the visitor learns about the historical era in which these extinct animals lived.

Recreation science park in Jeddah

• For young children, a city full of entertaining games that offer purposeful animated films that motivate children to think and be creative / and motivate them to search, explore and experiment.

Recreation Science Park Jeddah

• Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences has a hall full of robots, and as soon as you enter the hall, one of them moves at the main door, offering you a warm greeting and performing some dances that express the joy of your coming.

Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences is one of the best places for tourism in Saudi Arabia

• Your children can participate in the activities offered by the Jeddah Science Park, which are fun and enjoyable activities, including workshops, scientific presentations, and interactive experiences of science and technology applications that are provided by international and local agencies with specialized expertise in carefully studied ways.

Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences is one of the best entertainment places in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• You can test the concentration rate of your children and the fact that you can experience that, as you can tie this black ribbon on your head and someone else sits on the opposite end where your focus controls the flow of this ball through the brain vibrations transmitted to the tube through the ribbon and who focuses more is the fugitive it is an entertaining game in the hall Science in the Jeddah oasis.

Visit times

Jeddah Science Oasis is available for visiting all days of the week in two periods, the morning period: from 8:00 in the morning until 12:00 in the afternoon
Evening period from 16:00 pm until 12:00 pm.

Entry prices

Adults 25 riyals, and young ones 35 riyals
For more information about visiting times and entry ticket prices, you can visit the official website of Jeddah Oasis ..from here

Hotels near Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences

Quiet Dreams Hotel is one of the best hotels in Jeddah, located a short distance from the entertainment science oasis located on King Abdulaziz Street
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the cleanliness, location, staff. Some visitors complained of poor Wi-Fi in some rooms.
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The Inn Hotel Obhur is one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, located near the Jeddah Science Park, the Arab Shopping Center is 10 km, and King Abdulaziz International Airport is 6 km.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews in all respects, especially the cleanliness and location.
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Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences website

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