Kocaeli Izmit Museum is located in Izmit Turkey, in northwestern Turkey, it was at the beginning a railway station and then it was converted into a museum that includes many artifacts, and it is a national museum that displays many artifacts and multiple objects from different human races, and therefore it is considered one of the The most important tourist attractions in Izmit.
The museum is located on Astacion Street in the Kozlo district of Izmit. It is distinguished by the fact that it contains a large number of artifacts, ethnographic pieces and coins. There is also a conference hall in addition to a laboratory.
The objects of the museum are displayed partly in the halls of the museum and the other part in the open air within the museum square. There is also a restaurant in front of the museum that was designed from a steam caravan and two rail cars, and it was specially recycled for visitors to the museum.

Kocaeli Museum in Izmit Turkey

The best activities in the Kocaeli Izmit Museum

• When you enter this museum with a huge and diverse content, you do not have to be confused in which section you must start. First, you can view the 1965 artifacts of various shapes and sizes.

Kocaeli Izmit Museum is one of the most important landmarks of the Turkish city of Izmit
• The next step will be for anthropological pieces that total up to 1,549 pieces. If you are a fan of ancient statues of great magnificence, you have many pieces that you have to see and reflect on how to make them.

Kocaeli Museum in Izmit Turkey
Next, there are a lot of different types of coins, which amount to 1515, some of which were made with precision and others are not of good quality, but this does not detract from the creativity of the ancients who tried to make a lot in ways that most of us are unaware of until now.

Kocaeli Museum is one of the most important tourist places in Izmit

• And if you feel tired, you can take a break in the train room, which was restored and made in the form of a lounge and restaurant in front of the museum, and this will allow you the opportunity to go through a new and strange experience at the same time away from the traditional breaks.

Kocaeli Museum is one of the most important tourist places in Izmit Turkey

Finally, if you feel bored, you can go to Park Lunasan Games City, which is 13 minutes away from the museum by car.

Kocaeli Izmit Museum in Turkey

work hours

Everyday from 08:00 am until 05:30 pm

Entry prices

Five Turkish liras per person.

Hotels near Kocaeli Izmit Museum

The Ramada Plaza Izmit Hotel, rated 5 stars, is considered one of the best hotels in Izmit, about 10 minutes drive from the museum.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
He received a very good evaluation in terms of location, cleanliness, services, treatment of employees.
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The 4-star Imperial Park Hotel, one of the best Izmit hotels, is about 9 minutes’ drive from the Kocaeli Museum.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings.
He received a very good evaluation in terms of cleanliness, location, staff service, and some notes of some smells in the corridors.
Hotel reservation

The site of the Kocaeli Museum in Izmit

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