Lake Thun Interlaken, one of the most important lakes in Switzerland, is located near the Swiss Alps in the northern side of the city.
Its name dates back to the northern city of Thun, and the lake stretches for more than 17.5 km with a width of 3.5 km, occupying an area of ​​over forty-eight square kilometers with a depth of 217 meters.
It is fed by the Arr River through Lake Brienz, of which Lake Thun was part of it until the last Ice Age.
Lake Thun is one of the most popular tourist places in Interlaken, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come to it every year to enjoy sitting on the beach and do many activities, some of which we mention below.

Lake Thun Interlaken

The best activities on Lake Thun Interlaken

Relax on the beach and enjoy the view of the lake or its delightful views of the peaks of the Aeger, Munch and Unefro mountains.
Stroll through the historic castles nearby, such as the Interlaken Castle of Oberhofen, which houses a museum displaying 16th-century objects.

Lake Thun Interlaken

Riding saloon ships, going on a lake tour, and enjoying al fresco dining outside Interlaken.

Lake Thun Interlaken

• Launching one of the small boats on an enjoyable fishing trip. Unlike its sister, Lake Brienz, Thun Interlaken includes hundreds of tons of fish from which 53 tons are caught annually.

Lake Thun Interlaken

Go on a wild trip on the shore of the lake to reach the crystal caves and stunning waterfalls, or wander around the neighboring villages such as Nisin Village.

Lake Thun Interlaken

Thun Interlaken lake Hotels – Thun

The 4-star Hotel Ischipark, one of the best Interlaken hotels on the lake, has panoramic views of it and overlooks the Swiss Alps.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Hotel Ishipark has received several positive reviews about the location, the staff and the rooms that have been described as clean and great.

The 3-star Strand Hotel Seiblik is one of Switzerland’s best hotels, the closest to Thun Interlaken lake, as it overlooks it directly.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received several positive reviews from Arab guests about the very privileged location, the helpful staff and the food.

Lake Thun Interlaken website

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