The charming city of Mersin is located in southern Turkey and shares a long coast with the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Mersin is one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey and also the most important commercial cities, with skyscrapers and a large number of hotels and resorts spread along the Mediterranean coast.
In addition to a large number of recreational facilities and archaeological areas, the city also has a pleasant atmosphere for most of the year, which was sufficient reason to attract a large number of tourists to it to enjoy the most beautiful tourist places in Mersin.

The beaches of Mersin
The beaches of Mersin are among the most important tourist attractions in the city at all, as the city’s beaches are distinguished by the combination of blue waters, mountainous terrain that overlooks the sea coast directly, in addition to those beaches that overlook the streets and alleys of the city. In this article, we offer you the best activities that you are allowed to do in Mersin Beach

The 6 best activities you can do in Mersin Beach

• When you arrive at Mersin Beach, there is nothing better than swimming with friends in turquoise waters.

Mersin Beach
• You can bring sand tools for your children, but if you are a fan of drawing shapes on sand or setting up sand homes, the golden sands of the Mediterranean.

Mersin beach, Turkey
• Boat racing is one of the best beach sports that Mersin Beach witnesses all year round, you can try this kind of exciting sports, as well as fishing, diving and others.

Mersin Beach, Turkey
• You can get delicious ice cream or soft drinks from one of the street vendors spread along the beach. The shops there also offer some snacks in addition to hot drinks and fresh juices.

Beach in Mersin
• There is nothing more beautiful than getting a bicycle and going on a wide tour along the Mediterranean shore, there are beach shops to rent, you can also bring small bikes to your children.

Beach in Mersin, Turkey

Mersin Beach Hotels – Mersin

Nobel Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Mersin. It is 2.7 km from Mersin Beach.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel rated very well for the location, cleanliness, staff and breakfast.

Ramada Mersin is the best 3-star hotel in Turkey. It is 2.4 km from Mersin Beach.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel rated excellent for cleanliness, comfort, staff and value for money.

Mersin Beach website

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