Prometheus Cave is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Georgia in the city of Kutaisi, as it contains many calcareous deposits, stalagmites, cataclysms and unique shapes of rocks.
The Prometheus Cave of Kutaisi is made up of six caves that are different from one another and intertwined with one another. It is 40 km from Kutaisi

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The best activities in Prometheus Kutaisi Cave

Walk around the six caves with the guide and see stalagmites, cataclysms and petrified waterfalls. You will notice their different shapes in each of these caves.

Prometheus Kutaisi Cave Georgia

• You can take a distinct boat tour in the river in the ground, and this journey takes 15 minutes, full of fun and excitement.

Prometheus Cave in Kutaisi, Georgia

• Take a wonderful collection of souvenirs of the most beautiful and strangest fossils and sediments found in the Prometheus Cave in Kutaisi.

Prometheus Kutaisi Caves Georgia

• You can sit in the café there and get a delicious meal served alongside drinks.
• The Prometheus Cave Visitors Service Office provides you with the possibility to tour outside the green areas by using the open bus, you can try it if you like.

Prometheus Cave in Kutaisi

work hours

Mondays are closed, while the rest of the week are caves available for visiting from 10:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening.

Entry prices

7 Larry Georgi for adults.
3.5 for children.
The entry price includes the presence of a tour guide in English.

Hotels near Prometheus Cave of Kutaisi

There is only one good hotel near the caves. Can you also stay in a Kutaisi hotel in the city center?
Prometheus Gate Hotel is one of Georgia’s best Kutaisi hotels close to Prometheus Cave
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated great for the location, tranquility, comfort, cleanliness, and staff.
Hotel reservation

Prometheus Cave site in Kutaisi

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