Ras mohamed national park, which is a natural reserve that is a spot of the earth’s gardens. It includes the best diving beaches in the world, which hosts 220 types of coral reefs, and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh.
It also includes the mangrove lake, and the enchanted lake whose waters vary between blue and pink red, as it changes color several times daily, and in the most beautiful views you see flocks of seagulls and eagle eagle, in one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt.

Ras Mohamed Reserve, Ras Mohamed Reserve

The best activities you can do in Ras Mohamed Reserve

• Take a fun water tour on Dora Sharm El Sheikh, on the back of one of the wonderful tourist yachts, and enjoy the beauty of nature in this amazing reserve.

Ras Mohamed Reserve, Ras Mohamed Reserve

• You can dive deep into the clear waters and the enchanting view of colorful fish and coral reefs, and in the heart of the enchanted lake you will see anemone fish, scorpion sea, shark rocks and yolanda that contain many coral reefs.

Ras Mohamed Reserve, Ras Mohamed Reserve

• Enjoy a relaxing break on the beaches of the reserve and its fine sands, saturate your eyes with the enchanting view of nature and the encounter of rocks with crystal waters, in a view that takes you to a world of fantasy.

Ras Mohamed Reserve, Ras Mohamed Reserve

• Also recover from bone pain by plunging into the eye of natural sulfur water, which is 15 eyes from which hot water flows from inside a cave of the mountain.

Ras Mohamed Reserve, Ras Mohamed Reserve

• Take the most beautiful memorial photos of the most beautiful parts of the earth, where colorful fish and mangroves roam the commercial market.

Entry fee for Ras Mohamed Reserve

250 pounds per person.

Best hotels near Ras Mohamed Sharm El-Sheikh Reserve

Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort is one of the best 5-star Sharm El Sheikh hotels, 5 km from Ras Mohamed Sharm El Sheikh Reserve.
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It got excellent reviews on location and availability of different services.
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Baron Resort is one of the best hotels in Egypt, 11 km from Ras Mohamed Sharm El Sheikh Reserve.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Get excellent reviews on location, staff and beach.
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Ras Mohamed Sharm El-Sheikh reserve location on the map

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