One of the most important and largest parks in the world is the Seoul Grand Park, which is divided into several parts, each part is independent, but they are all inside the park. The park includes an adult zoo, a zoo for children, a rose garden, walking paths, and a fun park ), And the Seoul Museum of Modern Art.
The park is located on a vast area within the city of Seoul and is a tourist attraction in South Korea

Big Seoul Park - South Korea

Things to do in Seoul Big Park

You can visit the Montazah Zoo, which is the first zoo to be built in South Korea, where it was opened in 1909, and the park includes many different wild animals such as kangaroos, tigers, camels, jungle and other animals.
It is worth noting that the park also has a children’s zoo where children can see pets and animals that can be raised at home and approach them such as cattle, goats, rabbits and others.

Seoul Big Park in South Korea

You can also visit the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which displays artworks by Korean and international artists alike. The museum also displays artworks by famous contemporary artists. Inside the museum there is a permanent exhibition alongside temporary exhibitions that are held for only three or four months. If you are interested in science, you can visit the National Science Museum, which is interested in science and technology.

Seoul Grand Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Seoul, South Korea

• Do not forget to enjoy the Soland Amusement Park, which includes a large collection of fun games, in addition to that you can climb up to Samcheonry Hill to see the city of Seoul from above. The Soland Park also includes an adventure theater, another theater for watching movies and other things. The Soland Park is located in the center of Mount Chengson which is Surrounded by trees and greenery.

Seoul Grand Park is one of the best tourist places in South Korea

• The park holds throughout the year many cultural events and events such as horse races that are held every week, as well as running competitions and other events.

Seoul Grand Park South Korea

• One of the most important activities that you can do inside the park is to enjoy the botanical garden, which is the largest botanical garden in Korea and contains many plants such as tropical plants, cactuses, orchids and others in addition to a lake and hiking trails, all of which creates an atmosphere suitable for relaxing and enjoying nature and taking a light walk .

Seoul Grand Park is one of the most beautiful tourist parks in Seoul

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The dates of the visit vary from time to time during the year, and the entry prices vary according to the teacher you want to visit inside the park. You can enter this link to know the dates and prices click here

Hotels near Seoul Grand Park

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The Residences Dongdaemun is a 4-star hotel in Seoul, and is 2.3 km from Seoul Grand Park.
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Seoul Grand Park website

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