The cave of Ain Faza, Tlemcen, or as it is called “the cave of Bani Aad” in Tlemcen, is one of the best and most beautiful places of tourism in Tlemcen. The cave was discovered by the Berbers and Berbers as it is mentioned in history. The cave is characterized by its mountains and its picturesque caves in its many forms.
The cave shows you the wonderful Buddy making the Creator from nature without the intervention of humans, as it consists of limestone rocks that give it a look that you feel like you are inside a dream, so let’s get to know more about activities that you can do when you go to the cave of Ain Fez in Tlemcen to enjoy a time full of fun and suspense.

Activities you can do in the cave of Ain Faza Tlemcen

• The Cave is an excellent place for tourism and excursions, where you can go on a trip with family and friends to enjoy seeing the beautiful cave of Ain Faza Tlemcen and take some photos inside the cave or outside in front of its wonderful doors.

The cave of Ain Faza Tlemcen

• The halls and caves inside the cave invite you to wander inside and see the amazing scenery that might be described as wonders, where there are halls of wax that take the rocks in the form of candles, and there is an amazing cave of swords that take the rock in the shape of swords and have sharp and dazzling teeth.

The cave of Ain Faza, Tlemcen, Algeria

• You can also visit the palm hall which is surrounded by rocks in the form of a wonderful stone palm tree, then visit the camel hall, and you can take some pictures inside the caves with this charming landscape.

The cave of Ain Faza in Tlemcen

• It is wonderful to remember this beautiful place, so you can go to souvenir shops and valuable gift items to buy some beautiful gifts that carry a heritage in form and content documenting your trip to this wonderful cave.

Ain Faza Cave

• In the end, and some fun time inside the caves, you can visit some landmarks around the cave of Ain Faza Tlemcen, such as the beautiful waterfalls and the old mosque located near the ancient wall of the cave, or have a delicious meal against the backdrop of this beautiful place and between the folds of the picturesque nature.

Ain Faza Tlemcen Cave in Algeria

The best hotels near the cave of Ain Fazza Tlemcen

The magnificent Renaissance Tlemcen Hotel is one of the best 5-star Tlemcen hotels. The hotel is 16.9 km from Ain Faza Cave.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated very good for location level, view, design, cleanliness, staff.
While some complained about the lack of some hotel facilities and the lack of quality food.

Grand Hotel Bessin is one of the best two-star hotels in Tlemcen, with a great location and 6 km away from the cave of Ain Faza Tlemcen.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated well for the staff, location, comfort, and cleanliness.

Ain Faza Tlemcen Cave website

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