Let’s get to know the second tallest building in the South Korean capital, Seoul, the famous N Seoul tower, which was built to be a communication and observation tower, but now it is not just an ordinary tower, but it is one of the attractions of South Korea, where there are a number of attractions such as museums, Some shops, restaurants and others.
N Seoul Tower is located on Namsan Mountain in downtown Seoul and first opened to the public in 1980.

Tower of Seoul, South Korea is one of the best tourist places in Seoul

Things to do in Seoul Tower

• If you climb to the highest floor in the tower in Seoul, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city of Seoul from above, and you can take the most beautiful pictures documenting your visit there.
It is worth noting that the tower provides many perspectives spread across most layers of the tower to give you an opportunity to see the landmarks surrounding the tower, but you can see the entire city of Seoul.

N Seoul Tower - South Korea is one of the best tourist places in Seoul

• You can enjoy the restaurants spread on the floors of the Seoul Tower, which provides you with various dishes as there are italyn restaurants and another restaurant special for South Korean food, and another special for Chinese food, and other restaurants and cafes that also provide you with a wonderful view through its view of the charming city of Seoul.

N Seoul Tower in South Korea

On the upper floor, you will also find thousands of locks on the wall of the tower building called Love Locks, which Korean couples are accustomed to fixing in the hope that their love will last forever.
Also on the second floor of the tower is the pool of wishes, which the Koreans wish to wish for as they like and then throw a coin into the pool after the hope that this wish will happen. You can take a look at these things during your trip.

N Seoul Tower is one of the best tourist places in South Korea, Seoul

For the sake of your children, there is a Doll Museum inside the Sol Tower. The museum tells the history and culture of South Korea in a fun and interesting way to suit children through teddy bears.
To document your visit to this unique place, you can go through the souvenir shops and buy some souvenirs to document your visit to the beautiful In Soul Tower.

Visit dates

From Sunday to Friday: from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.
Saturday: From ten in the morning until twelve midnight.

Entry prices

Adults: $ 9.
For children: USD 7.2.
For more information about changing prices, you can visit the official website of the tower .. from here

Hotels near N Seoul Tower

Pacific Hotel, a 4-star Korea Seoul hotel, 1 km away from the N Seoul Tower.
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Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, one of the best 5-star hotels in Seoul, is 2.4 km from N Seoul Tower
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Most of the Arab visitors gave him an excellent evaluation regarding the location, comfort and excellent services
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N Seoul Tower site

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